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  1. Sorry for getting back to this so late; unfortunately work and class has really been kicking my ass lately. Obviously there's only a little less than a week left here, and if I can make time to at least finish up one of my two tracks, I'll do my best to make that happen.
  2. Yep, still here. Been working on my two tracks at an off and on pace, but consider me still active. I'll be dropping some WIPs in our private forum soon enough!
  3. Hey there, just checking in about my two tracks I've had claimed for a while; I've been chipping away at them slowly, but have been incredibly busy with this semester of classes that is just about to end. After this coming week, I should have quite a bit more time to dedicate to finish those off.
  4. Well... aren't I just running late? Sorry for the delay; I just put up my third WIP for my Final Fight track, as well as my first WIP for the Crazy Gadget/Final Rush/For True Story compilation. I have them shared on the project forum.
  5. Just sent over a PM with my interests. I apologize in advance for it's length...
  6. I'll be getting my 2nd WiP for Final Fight Zone up sometime soon. To cover SA2, I've got something in the works for a Crazy Gadget/Final Rush/For True Story (2nd Sonic vs. Shadow boss fight) combo I may have mentioned a while ago, if you want to mark me down for that.
  7. Just checked in on the current list; did you happen to get my WiP from a few weeks ago, or should I resend that over?
  8. Just shot over my first rough WIP for Final Fight Zone; also wanted to state my interest that there seems to a spot open for a visual artist (looking at the original post). I'm not sure if that's still an open spot, or if it's been already been taken. Either way, I'd say I'd volunteer to be a feedback assistant, but I think that there are much more experienced artists here that would be more suited for that job.
  9. If there's room for a mix within SA2, I was actually thinking of doing something that combined Crazy Gadget, Final Rush, and "For True Story" (the final Sonic vs. Shadow fight). I'll let you know for sure if I get something going for that. Other than that, I'll have my first WIP up for Final Fight from 3D Blast sometime soon!
  10. I'll have a much more substantial WiP coming soon, I hope to prove that there's a bit more of an idea behind what I sent you before Black_Doom. I'm also taking a look at a couple levels from SA2 that I might want to try putting together.
  11. I've actually had a WiP for the Final Fight from Sonic 3D Blast (GEN), perhaps I can come back to that for this. Although considering the vast amount of time, I may have to see what else would be fun to do. Mark me down for Final Fight from Sonic 3D Blast (GEN).
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