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  1. Unfortunate, and certainly understandable. Both songs are stellar in their own respects, and I don't see why such a crude remark needed to be made, even if it was in jest. ...Well, I was going to say...if we get nine fantastic remixes every time we have a design change - by all means, go ahead and remake the site whenever you feel like it, DJP! As long as I can still download the mixes, I'm fine.
  2. Wow, now we can all and come and personally thank you...? I've been a fan of your work since the brilliant "Of Transformants and Brevity" you brought to us a while back. The funny thing about me is, I can't mmm...understand lyrics. Like, whenever I listen to songs on the radio, I can't understand what anyone is saying, so by default I have to judge songs by their melodical qualities anyway. Of course a certain word stood out (gasp! ), if the 6-page (and counting) review thread wasn't any indication of that already. So, a welcome change to the usual OCR fare, one that again broadens the definition of "remix" on this site, as you did with the FF7 one. Great job, I look forward to your future works! In light of your last post...take care?
  3. You're like the savior of Zelda music or something...now we just have to get that Majora's Mask one in... It was a close one (http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=27291) but you definitely deserve it - a very well-arranged song. I'd listen to this over some "high-quality" techno port of the songs you've chosen to use here anyday. Good job, hope to hear more from you in the future!
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