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  1. I met some OCR people at Video Games Live in Louisville in 2008ish, so I think there are probably some more folks near you who didn't get put on the map.
  2. Question about automating CC11, or I guess two questions. Is it just volume control? I read the thing timaeus linked to up above, which says it's a percentage of volume control (but it did not say which percentage). If so, and if I'm doing everything in FL, can I just automate the volume knob for a track in the step sequencer (edit: pattern editor?) and thereby accomplish whatever I would have done by automating CC11? Just making sure I get things right.
  3. Have you changed it? I'm only getting the first two djp remixes from shinobi and bonk.
  4. I'm new so I can't make any promises about quality (or even if it can get posted), but I'll give it a shot
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