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  1. Thanks evktalo and timaeus for all your feedback. Between what was written here and feedback I got from Jorito and my neighbour I’ve got plenty of things to try and good suggestions for improvements I can make. Now to actually do it .
  2. Making a MIDI yourself is a bit of work, but then you are free to choose whatever song you want . When I was making my pick for PRC282 and was looking for existing MIDI files, the choices turned out to be more limited than I had thought. I remember there used to be quite a lot more MIDIs of MSX games, but a lot of sites collecting and hosting them have shut down and the MIDI files were lost along with them. Two of the three MIDI files I provided for the PRC282 Illusion Theme were recovered from the way-back machine. Also many MIDI arrangements are too far from the original to be usable. So next time (I’m optimistic ;p) I think I’ll also have to bite the bullet and make one myself. Though, I just received a MIDI-PAC today, which converts MSX YM2413 (OPLL) music to MIDI, that would be quite helpful there I imagine . It would be cool if emulators implemented similar functionality.
  3. The initial feedback in the PRC votes: I’m looking forward to getting some further feedback for improvements on my song . I got a few things from Jorito and also my neighbour gave some nice remarks, but I can definitely use more.
  4. Sir_NutS: Looking forward to it! Anorax: Ouch, that sucks! Don’t you have an old render to share so we can hear what direction you were taking it? Yami: The game only runs on turboR and didn’t have a translation at all for a long time, and now still only has a partial translation, so not many people in the west have played it. However the music is well known in MSX-land .
  5. Mr. Meits, who composes his music in a unique set-up, made a nice video for his entry .
  6. Woohoo! A tie, I bet that doesn’t happen often . Congratulations to sir nuts too! I had great fun working on this entry. It’s actually been like a decade or so since I last produced a complete song (and that was in 8-bit trackers), so I learned a lot about the modern tools. The ocremix competition really motivated me, it’s a great format! I’m very happy how the song and the votes turned out, and that I get to pick a source now .
  7. I present you, the fruit of my labour. My childhood friend had a Sega and I would go to his place and play Earthworm Jim… Those idle animations… Made with Maschine, Massive and Blofeld.