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  1. Okay, I've edited it a bit. Changed the volume of instruments in some parts, and added a few sounds from the game. I think it's better this time around. I've also replaced the snare that plays during the organ-only part, but I don't hear a big difference. Perhaps I should just get rid of the snare altogether? https://soundcloud.com/lightningalex/luigis-mansion-theme-remix
  2. Hey, this is awesome! I really enjoyed it Like the guy who commented before me, I don't have any critiques. Sounds really good!
  3. Wow, I really haven't noticed how much louder the choir is than the other instruments at that part. You're right about the drums, too. I'm not really sure what you mean with the limiter and the beginning part. If you could be more specific, I'd be really thankful. I wouldn't really consider Luigi's Mansion a "horror game" xD But that aside, I must say adding boo sounds is a great idea! Thank you. Uhm... I didn't use compression at all. I'm not sure what I could have done to make it sound like "blatant overuse of compression", but I obviously did something. Again, I'd be really thankful
  4. Hi guys. I've just finished one of my first remixes, and it's the Luigi's Mansion main theme (The Mansion). I hope you like it EDIT: Version #2: https://soundcloud.com/lightningalex/luigis-mansion-theme-remix
  5. Hi guys! I'm LightningAlex! I use that name everywhere online. I've been playing guitar for almost 5 years, the accordion for 2 years, and I want to learn to play the piano. Recently, I've been talked into learning how to work in FL Studio. I love video game music, and I wanted to give a try to remixing music. Well... I don't have anything else to say for now... Hi
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