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    From the decrepit mind of lunatic comes a bizarre mix of sounds, ranging from grand Orchestral movements to minimal and heart breaking passages to sweeping progressive sections. Take a listen wont you, its like nothing else.
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    Mister Scrambles
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  1. Heres the brutal new post Rock/Metal track: [in] WaveS Check it out wont you!!! https://soundcloud.com/schizophrenichousecat/in-waves
  2. sup yall heres the next track off the Our Hero Part 2 LP. check it out wont you! https://soundcloud.com/schizophrenichousecat/valleyofdeth
  3. Sup yall! Got the new track up now, its a brutal one, come check it out wont you!!! https://soundcloud.com/schizophrenichousecat/beggarspath
  4. Sup yall! got a new track up now that is the start of the second Our Hero LP. come check it out wont you!!!!1 https://soundcloud.com/schizophrenichousecat/chaptertwo
  5. Hey yall! im back again this time with something a little different. over the last month or so I've been working on a doom/funeral doom track and im pleased to say its finally done. If your in to the extreme side of music come check this out, I dont believe it will disapoint!! https://soundcloud.com/schizophrenichousecat/dead-sea
  6. Sup yall! Got another remix this week, this time from the clasic game Jazz Jackrabbit, the theme from Medivo. Som come check it out yall!!! http://youtu.be/UQyTEaHNqn4
  7. Hey Everyone! back this time with my first serious remix! hope you guys like it and any and all feedback would be more than welcome. THANKS AGAIN!!!!! http://youtu.be/QRYXENwrTiU
  8. Hey yall! here again this time with something a little different. been playing a little DOS BOX recently and decided to come up with a new soundtrack for one of my favorite games. so come check it out wont you!!! http://youtu.be/bBLyjqzf1bM
  9. Hey everyone! been enjoying the community here since joining so i though i would share anyother track! https://soundcloud.com/schizophrenichousecat/incomingcall
  10. this is some very cool stuff man, always happy to see someone else use FL studio and really get the most out of it.
  11. very cool stuff man, really love the sounds you use and the mix is great, mad crazy thumbs up
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