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    Books are amazing! After reading several of them, I received a degree for studying Astronomy and Astrophysics. Post graduation, I determined that music, not science, was really the field I wanted to be pursuing. My most recent Antiparticles EP was accepted into Pandora’s catalog, which is nice. This event convinced me to brush up on my music theory and pursue new professional trajectories. Since then, I’ve worked as both a sound designer and music composer for two mobile indie games that have yet to be released. And I’ve had SO MUCH FUN DOING IT!

    Now the words of a compelling man:

    “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”

    Visit http://www.kylepreston.com for more info.
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  1. A more up-to-date wip. The ending still sucks and I hate everything I've tried so far; I think I'm going to close it out with a minimal piano solo thing. Anyway, added an Organ, a few percussive things and used a much nicer piano than what was there before. Definitely needs more fine-tuning but I think it's finally starting to come together. Edit: Crap, sorry, thought I was in there. Link changed.
  2. Pretty sure I submitted a wip last time, on one of the old threads maybe??? Anyway, just coming off of a bigger project and will have time next week to crank out more work on my tune. Please don't fire me Will post work soon.
  3. I recently fell in love with the Cello, and have since been searching for ways to write unique arrangements for it. I began with this track, but will expand this into an entire EP of Cello and piano songs called 'Legato Ludologies'. Eventually, I'd like to record an entire album of Zelda songs done in this style. Any feedback is tremendously appreciated.
  4. Heard Midna's voice and looked over my shoulder to see if she was there. What I'm saying is .... excellent work!
  5. Thank you much for the feedback k-wix. I definitely tried to arrange the instruments in a way that sounded as non distracting as possible. One of my goals was to create a song that, were I a citizen of Hyrule, would listen to while reading a book on Poe lore, the history of Kakariko, Gerudo culture, etc.. Feedback is very important to me, so thanks again for your comments; all good things to remember.
  6. Ahh, Chimpazilla, you're totally right. I was already on the fence about the ending and now I've been pushed. And thanks for the encouragement! I recently submitted a Gauntlet orchestrated remix two-ish weeks ago and didn't want to spam your inbox so soon. But you'll be hearing from me. And I can't wait to hear your 6-themed track. Can never get enough Zelda
  7. Accidentally posted this in original music, meant to post it here. I've been working on some Zelda themes. I used as a base and wrote a few of my own mixed in with and from Ocarina of Time. Any feedback on the mixing or arrangement is welcome and appreciated. It's called 'The Other Side'
  8. Thank you both kindly. I actually meant to put this in the remix section (need to read more slowly)
  9. So I've been working on some Zelda themes. I used as a base and wrote a few of my own mixed in with and from Ocarina of Time. Any feedback on the mixing or arrangement is welcome and appreciated. It's called 'The Other Side'
  10. Hey Zack, This is very good. I really like the arrangement and the instruments that you've chosen. I also like HOW BIG it sounds. My one nitpick: around 4:41, those trumpets sound very thin to me, particularly when they hit that high F at 4:51. But excellent arrangement man!
  11. Thanks for the feedback APZX; I've heard similar remarks from a friend as far as the lack of presence; which doesn't surprise me, as I tend to write very ambient and 'flowy' music; and this is my first attempt at a fast moving piece with several notes written by someone else. And it's an Irish flute by the way; it mirrors the harpsichord in the first run through and then it mirrors the cello the second time, but I'll definitely consider either removing it or giving it to another instrument in the mix. A different timbre might be what is needed. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!
  12. I'm just hoping for some general feedback on the mixing. I transcribed Hal Canon's brilliant original theme and recorded several takes (I wrote more detail about it here if you're interested) using some orchestral software. My ears are quite burnt out on this as I've been working on it with every possible spare second over the past few weeks. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Here is my version Cheers! p.s. I also utilized part of the theme from stage 4 and had SO MUCH FUN orchestrating this.
  13. All really good advice in here; although some of it may be overwhelming at first. Regardless of what virtual instrument library you choose to use, you're going to spend a decent amount of time getting it to sound right. You really need to ask yourself what the music is for. Example: When I don't have a project to work on, I tend to write very ambient, lush and textural sounding music; I use a healthy amount of sustain and dynamic fading, reverb, room delay, etc. This works for the type of music I choose to create, as you can you can fill a lot of space with just a few instruments. But th
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