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  1. Hello Everyone, Here's a new Trumpaphone (Trumpet and Saxophone) arrangement for your viewing and listening pleasure! Based on an original soundtrack from Final Fantasy X, this tune has some chill beach vibes that is sure to get you ready for summer!
  2. Hi Everyone, I hope you had a great Holiday, and are looking forward to the New Year. Here is a Trumpet and Tenor Saxophone arrangement of Jack's Lament by Danny Elfman with accompaniment. Credits: Trumpet: Anthony Higham Tenor Saxophone: Brandon Pettis Arranged and Produced by Anthony Higham Video Edited by Brandon Pettis Please don't hesitate to reply with any song requests with this instrumentation!
  3. I recently was asked by a friend to transition the original 8bit Zelda music from the game into my own buildup into this unknown artists drop. I want to give credit to the artist for the meat of the song, but I have no idea who made it. https://soundcloud.com/atiomusic/legend-of-zelda-dj-atio-remix
  4. East west quantum leap has some epic sounding snare drum ensembles and single snares. Also you get top notch orchestral and wind instruments. It may be limiting for DCI snare drum lines but I believe it can do the job if you just want some simple stuff. Not to mention the Wagner bass drum is pretty ominous as well.
  5. Well done though, man. Wish I could give any criticism but I can't bring that I'm a horn guy. Haha.
  6. Not exactly a percussionist, but marched DCA for a season. I thought with what little you had to work with as far as rhythmic variation in the song (in the first video), you made it interesting by creating new accents. And interesting hearing your interpretation of the melody using rhythmic melody. This would be really cool to hear with a horn line and auxiliary percussion. Is it for anything in particular?
  7. Got some inspiration while listening to skyrim and various other orchestral music. So I decided to record my vocals and guitar over some orchestral instruments. https://soundcloud.com/atiomusic/servitude
  8. Thanks man, I'm still waiting on the judges decisions; As I have done as much on it as I can. The hard drive that I had the FL file crashed, so i'd have to completely start fresh if i were to do more on it. In the meantime, I may work on some more FFX stuff (zanarkand) in the future! -Anthony
  9. This is amazing, great work man. love the bridge with all the extensions. Nice reharm bro. killer stuff.
  10. Hey all, Here's my take on Zanarkand. Thoughts appreciated. https://soundcloud.com/anthony-higham/ffx-to-zanarkand-wip-atio-remix
  11. Thanks, man. I will finalize the song soon by tweaking a few things, like Eq/levels... Maybe add a few things melodically/harmonically/rhythmically to my liking and see what you all think about it, then submit soon.
  12. thank you! I will continue to perfect it. LATEST UPDATE: https://soundcloud.com/anthony-higham/wall-market-update-2
  13. My intention on this track is to make it my own but to also sound somewhat like the original, say, if a metal band were to play it at a show. I did alter some of the chords, and melody. But at the same time, respecting the basic harmonic structure of the song as well as the melodic structure. If you change both the melody and harmony underneath at the same time for too long, it can become unrecognizable.
  14. Here's a link to one of my latest electronic tracks. Lemme know your thoughts! https://soundcloud.com/anthony-higham/drift-away
  15. Alright, so I think i did what you guys said.. take a listen and see for yourself! Added some saturation to the drums using Limiter, also fixed the buildup and ending. I think I'm done working on this one for tonight. Hope everyone had a good New Years! https://soundcloud.com/anthony-higham/wall-market-update-2
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