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  1. Hello. I noticed on the OCR forum that a few years back you compiled a list of DDR songs that would be eligible for remixing on OCR. Unfortunately, the links are now dead. Do you still have such a list anywhere? Thanks.

    Jeff Morrow

  2. I haven't been on this site in aaaages, I might as well leave the metaphoric dark woods and see what I can do here.
  3. Yahoo! UK did an article on this, despite it not even coming out in the UK. Although it was mainly a pedestal for the rabid commenters to look down on everyone who has ever eaten at a McDonalds.
  4. Hey everyone! Remember me? Of course you bloody don't. But anyway, I'm going to actually enter this time. Yaaaay. aaaargh fgs can't get any good stuff down. And I'm going away for a week on the 19th.
  5. Hi, I stepped Dead Batteries for StepMix 3 waaay back in 2007 (I think that was the year). Still going. Interested.
  6. Imperishable Night: I'm playing on Easy and getting my ass handed to me, yet I'm still having fun. I'd like to think I'd still be playing this until I could do Lunatic without sucking, which seems possible given how I'm enjoying dying so much. Also I would like new retinas, please.
  7. I hate to massively bump things, but I've only just gone and downloaded this. I'm a complete idiot for not doing it sooner. Great job.
  8. Being the sorta person who was raised on Bemani since 2000, I'm pretty interested in this. Wouldn't buy it at full price, though, especially here in the UK where it was £180 for Rock Band at first.
  9. Expanding the term 'boss music' a little, but would you accept remixes of 'boss stage' tracks from Bemani? AFAIK there's only a really small amount of Bemani Extra/Encore stage tracks that are licences.
  10. Oh damn it. I've really not been in the mood to do this in the last couple of weeks.
  11. Ah, I see. I did something like this a while ago, and I remember that it'd be easier if you did a Mail Merge with a spreadsheet like Excel instead of Access. I'll set something up this week for you (although I'm using Open Office, I think you can save in an MS format.)
  12. Could you explain this a little more? I'm interested, but I'm not sure what you want in full.
  13. It's a shame that the only MIDI I can find for this is Eiji's theme.
  14. Yes, this is an awesome track selection.
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