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  1. @timaeus222 , Thanks i will check the 200hz low pass as you advised . I think that might be the issue i think the EQ may be set inconsistently also though. Thanks so much for the advice , guess i need to practice
  2. @ Bonkers, Yeah some of the work is hand drawn , some is photo-manipulation and due to lack of a graphics tablet recently its mostly all mouse and keyboard drawn which is hard sometimes . Thanks for the feedback , i guess i should clean up my deviant art and get rid of the guff and continue with the more thought out pieces , just for the record which did you think were the better works ?
  3. Really Good idea to have an act 1 and 2 mixed into a track . Especially with older Sonic Games . Possibly do marble zone next ? I d love this idea with a streets of rage track.
  4. Oh you meant the volume is lower in the certain areas , listening to it back with headphones on i understand where you mean the drums are faint , whats the best way to add more bass ? sine wave ? or just overlay a bassier drum beat ? I think your right about the individuals levels , I will adjust them and see how i get on. Thanks again for the feedback . Its appreciated
  5. Cheers for the feedback @flexstyle . You don't have to be an artist to create or appreciate . I'm not an artist i just love to design, draw and make Art from scratch . Thanks for Digging my stuff
  6. Could you Guys check out my artwork and comment also please i could do with an outside view on if my work is ok , link below , thanks Gav http://ocremix.org/community/topic/41161-some-of-my-video-game-art/
  7. @gario and @timaeus222 , Cheers for the feedback , I think the volume issues are mainly due to the selected knob in Fl studio being set low when exporting to Mp3 on some of the tracks . I agree that there are issues with flow on all the tracks. I just think i'm still getting to grips with what type of style and structure I can work easily with. I have a vast amount of ideas in my head and i've not got much musical understanding , I.e. I cant read music so mostly i used a midi keyboard and the Fl studio Piano role to figure things out , My main vst's used are nexus and massive currently a
  8. Bump guys , need some feedback please
  9. some of my art for you guys on OC remix , hope you like check out the rest @ http://retromegahero.deviantart.com/
  10. Hi guys , streets of rage remix WIP https://soundcloud.com/gavin-lee-1/track-2-dub-moon-rising cheers Gav aka H¥pergenesis
  11. Hi Everyone on OC REMIX , My Names Gavin aka Hypergenesis on here or Retromegahero on deviantart, 32 years old from the UK , just got into making remixes and original tracks in FL studio and havent had any previous musical experience . Im just looking for some feedback and pointers about musical structure and composition please listen to my attached songs and let me know any feedback is greatly needed. Thanks Ps also check out my deviant art account http://retromegahero.deviantart.com/ https://soundcloud.com/gavin-lee-1/altered-state-final-mix-2015 https://soundcloud.com/gavin-l
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