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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone, I just released a new album heavily inspired by games of the 16-bit era (Streets of Rage/Sonic). I even had the unbelievable experience of getting to work with Yuzo Koshiro, who helped compose the intro track. It's a bit of a passion project and I had a ton of fun working on this with a number of amazing guest musicians. You can find the album on pretty much all streaming platforms/YouTube and I'm selling CDs, vinyls and even cassette tapes on my website now. If you wanted to check it out here's a few links: BandCamp: https://andygillion.bandcamp.com/album/arcade-metal My Webstore for physical copies/merch etc: https://andygillion.com/shop/ YouTube FULL ALBUM Stream: Spotify: Cheers! Andy
  2. Hello again guys. I have just about finished this new melodic dance track. I think I have a banger!
  3. Just threw this together quickly as I wanted to pay tribute to my favourite part of the new Streets of Rage 4 soundtrack. For me the soundtrack is really interesting, I personally miss the iconic melodies of the first two games but overall it works, and while I feel it is lacking those catchy melodies, suddenly there are moments like this in the game where it just hits home and immediately feels nostalgic even though it's brand new. https://youtu.be/LfDkxa2Teek
  4. Hi everyone, Very new to music production and no musical background etc just fancied a dabble in fl studio, I am very passionate about early Sega games and 16 bit games in general. As one of my favorite games Streets of rage was always the epitome of beat-em-ups for me, additionally i grew up in the 80's when synth sound tracks such as crockets theme or Axel F were popular so i wanted to smash the two together. Please be kind, this is a work in progress and just ideas at present. Streets Of Rage - Moon beach Waves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPYrDPn4UK4 Regards Gav Aka Genesis1983
  5. Some original music for you SEGA fans. You're going to enjoy this!
  6. Hey guys! This is the first remix I've ever produced, and I would love to hear your feedback! I would especially love some on the production side, as I feel it's my deepest weakness as a beginner. Rough form aside, I hope you enjoy it! https://drive.google.com/open?id=156-_fa2bOLi7Tx5baFgX3XG5y3Is59TD
  7. Here's my latest remix, Keep The Groovin' from Streets Of Rage, remixed for the upcoming retro gaming film, Dreamcast Gamer: The Movie. Does this one sound more realistic from my previous remix and different enough from the original to qualify? Also, if I do submit it, what name should I give it? Thanks
  8. Hello! My name is Omar. I am a DJ from America and am planning on helping with a VGM remix Album. I would like to get any opionons on my 2 tracks if possible. I know musicians are very busy and pride themselves on the work they do. But any time you have to give a listen/opinion or share with friends is greatly appreciated. [UPDATE July 28th] There are 4 tracks 01. a remix of Streets Of Rage 2 (The Style is UK Freeform/Happy Hardcore/) 02. The second remix is a pop style remix of the Azys Lla theme 03. Nier Automata Amusement Park is also a pop inspired remix 04. Breath of Fire IV - Old skool style with 8bit. LINK: I am planning on getting a singer before going any further so there are a few production gaps in the files I provided. Thank you for your time!
  9. Was looking for feedback on this arrangement I did of The Last Soul from Streets of Rage. Before this arrangement, I had never done jazz/hip-hop fusion before. It was a very interesting and awesome experience :). I want to do more with SoR with live band and such. Any suggestions for this? As always thank you for taking the time to listen!
  10. I thought this was a fun pun, so I had to make it. I'll probably make more of these, so we'll call this Part 1. Anyway, this is a straight mashup of Sonic and Bare Knuckle, both from the Genesis. The sounds may come straight from the Genesis, but I had to severely alter the Bare Knuckle songs to get them to fit with the Sonic songs. This mashup includes "Green Hill Zone", "Never Return Alive", "Chemical Plant Zone", and "Too Deep".
  11. Streets Of Rage 3 Dance Club remixed with chipsounds and vintage sounds Good Listening and give me your opinion Original Track :
  12. Streets of Rage fans! Check out the EDM remix to "Go Straight" from Streets of Rage 2! One of my favorite games and one of my favorite tracks from the game! This has in-game sound effects. Of course nothing beats the original ORIGINAL: MY VERSION:
  13. The People's Remix Competition 314 PRCv13-02 Hello everyone and Welcome to the People's Remix Competition! OneUp was the winner of the anniversary round, Trism was the winner of PRC313. Both can win again in PRC314, which will not be a regular round since it will have some additional rules. Let's make this a crazy round. The following (additional) rules apply: - Anyone who makes is song 3 minutes and 14 seconds long, or makes his song 5 minutes and 14 seconds long (which is 314 seconds) gets pi (3,14) bonus points. There is a slack of two seconds, so anything between 3:12 - 3:16 or 5:12 - 5:16 is fine for the bonus. - Anyone who adds a colour in his song title (for example, "The Green remix", "Blue lightning", "Orange ocean"...) also gets pi (3,14) bonus points). - Remixing one of the sources is enough, but everyone who uses both sources in his song (meaning that both sources are recognizable in the song) gets pi (3,14) bonus points. To get this points, it must be mentioned in the song description that both sources are used. This also holds for OneUp and Trism. They must use the source selected by the other to enter (of course, they can remix their own track only as a bonus track, but this time having 20% of the others source and 80% of their own source is fine to enter). If they do not enter, they have a both that counts twice. - One of my posts in the recent PRC topics has been edited in a strange way. The one who replies first with that post in the quote gets pi (3,14) bonus points. Voting will also be a bit different: - All voters can fill in three boxes. Everything is fine, but participants cannot vote for themselves this time and they even can give the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to the same song. All boxes may be filled in. - Everyone who votes gets 2pi (6,28) bonus points. So it is very recommended to vote. This also holds for non participants, meaning that they theoretically can win this round if the participants do not vote. - If two or more songs tie for 1st place, they get the last place wooden spoon. If two or more songs tie for last place, they win the round. This doesn't hold for multiple voters who ends at last place. Source 1: Mega Man 10 (Wii) - Nitro Man MIDI Youtube Link Source Information Source 2: Streets of Rage 2 (GEN) - Dreamer MIDI Youtube Link Source Information ThaSauce link: Click here to submit To submit a song at the compo page a ThaSauce account is required. If anyone has problems with registering or uploading the song to ThaSauce, please upload the song somewhere else and post a download link in the thread. I recommend Soundcloud, don't forget to allow downloads to enable me to upload the song at ThaSauce. To register and submit, do the following. Click the ThaSauce Link. Click the 'You are not logged in' button in the upper right. Click on 'register' (at the bottom). Read the terms and click 'I agree to these terms'. If you don't agree with them, upload the song somewhere else and post a download link as mentioned above (by doing that, you allow me to upload the song at ThaSauce. Continue the process by filling in your information. A confirmation mail will be send. There might be some issues with it (meaning that you don't get it), if that is the case, upload the song somewhere else as described above. Once registered, login with your username and password, go to the mentioned page and submit the song. If you want submit two or more songs you can create multiple ThaSauce accounts or upload the song somewhere else and post the download link. PRC instructions Limitations at ThaSauce require your entry to be 20 MB or less in size. Length for length's sake and MIDI rips are not allowed (only as Bonus Mixes). Entries must be posted in the by Wednesday January 27th 2016 at 10:59 am ThaSauce time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT), check the ThaSauce page for the exact time left. Two days extra because of the strange rules. You may enter as many mixes as you like and work with as many people as you like on each mix. You are free to create a second ThaSauce account for that, it's needed to be able to upload a second remix. You can also upload it somewhere else and put a download link in this thread Do not make qualitative comments on an entry until the results of the vote have been posted in this thread. Mixers cannot vote for themselves but if they vote they recieve a free first place vote added onto their score. The winner of this round may select the source for PRC315, which will be a normal round. The winner of PRC312 and PRC313, OneUp and Trism, can take part as mentioned above. You can find the full rules list at this page as well. However, take the different rules which are mentioned into account. They apply only in this round. GOOD LUCK! PRC ThaSauce Home Page!
  14. until
    PRC314 - Mega Man 10 - Nitro Man + Streets of Rage - Dreamer
  15. Hi guys , streets of rage remix WIP https://soundcloud.com/gavin-lee-1/track-2-dub-moon-rising cheers Gav aka H¥pergenesis
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