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  1. Final Fantasy IX - The Journey Home Sources: (with elements from the ) (more specifically )A Song from Her Memory/Melodies of Life Hi all, hopefully I can get some feedback for my track (it's a tad long, so I really appreciate anyone who took the time to listen to it). It's in the final stages, although I'm still considering adding a few instruments (definitely more percussion and probably a toybox sorta instrument), so suggestions to improve the arrangement would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty happy with the overall sound now, but after hours of arrangement, mixing and mastering, I'm probably completely deaf to any problems in the mix, so any feedback would be incredibly helpful!
  2. Beautiful arrangement! Quite mesmerizing. I'd consider doing some EQing on the instruments to separate them more, the mix seems a bit busy in the low-mid frequencies especially @ around :50 (even better if you own a mid-side EQ) or maybe pan your instruments out a little wider. Maybe you can also try adding an exciter to add more high frequency information, coupled with a multi-band compressor, it should balance out your track some more. Personal preference though! just my 2 cents. Nice job overall!
  3. Freaking amazing performance! Love watching her fingers fly across the keys so effortlessly
  4. Hello! New here, got to know this site from TB's videos. Hopefully I can contribute meaningfully to the community! Edit: Also, I never did get my confirmation email... do I need to contact somebody about that?
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