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    I’m an artist that works with illustrations, design and music. I suppose my work has a lot to do with pop, nerd and geek culture. I also fancy little known stuff. Heroines and heroes that most people never heard of, games that very few had the pleasure of playing, bands that may not have a large fan-base. Although I’m not the “hipster” type that admires this exact things for the sake of being obscure I do like those hidden spots of culture. As much as I like hidden spots and secret passages…
    I’m a person of mystery… Preferably good ones.
    I am friendly, but sometimes a bit distracted, I have a lot going on and it’s hard to keep track of it all. So if you contact me I ask a little patience on me returning the message if a return is possible.

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  1. Hello Neblix! Thank you so much for replying me! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply due to the holidays. When I started learning how to use DAWs I used to use FL Studio, now I use Cubase. The only reason I've changed is that FL Studio used to crash A LOT! Not very good at using the computer memory. I can do so much more on that department with the Cubase. Given that Cubase doesn't crash with me... But I did prefer FL Studio, the notation system I find better and I didn't have this issue that I am having. All VST plugins were easier to control, if I remember correctly. Anyway, I h
  2. Hello friends and musicians! I have done a look through the site and I couldn't find an answer to my query. Maybe it's simple and I just can't figure it out... Anyway I'll dive into the question: I have the Cubase 7 and I am working on a project, so far I used to use Kontakt 5 for instruments, but now I am trying some VSTs and the CC pan, volume, etc... Are not working. It does control the pan, and volume easily with Kontakt, but when I use, say, TX16Wx, it doesn't affect it at all... Surely those VST plugins have their own pan and volume controls, but I am talking about the one that is u
  3. Both files you posted work perfectly as I once hoped they would in the first place. Thank you very very much! I will take a look in those softwares you mention to give the proper conversion to my files. This is the program that converted the files to midi: http://www.benryves.com/products/vgm2midi In the page above they do mention some abnormalities with the percussion channel derived from the difference between the two types of files... "The 4th channel of the PSG (channel number 3) operates in two different modes - white noise (used for percussion) or periodic noise (sometimes use
  4. Oh yes. I think you need an account or a facebook like to download things from 4shared, I have absolutely forgotten that since I am most of the time logged into my account. Here. I have made the dropbox you spoke of... https://www.dropbox.com/s/tmbrr191437ii11/Pit%20Pot%20-%2002%20-%20Main%20Theme.mid?dl=0 Thank you for the idea!!!
  5. There you go, friend: http://www.4shared.com/music/oGjWYJDWce/Pit_Pot_-_02_-_Main_Theme.html? These files are from the good old Sega Master System and I have converted to midi different files from various games. All of them have 4 tracks. However, the position of the percussion line changes from game to game when I look them up on MidiSheetMusic, but in all of them the percussion is ignored. I think you're right in presuming that the tracks are all jammed into one, but they ought to have some bit of information distinguishing them for when I import to Cubase and FL Studio I'm able to im
  6. Yes in this case I think I can. : ) But Some musics I believe will be harder in the future, since all midis I have acquired by means of converting .vgm neglects the percussion line. I'll continue to try some Midi editing programs and see which I can edit the file to work normally. Nonetheless, thank you ever so much Timaeus. I really appreciate your help!
  7. Yes I found it now! unfortunately... I have tried importing a different Midi file and it shows that I can import: 'All Tracks' or "track 01', 'track 02' etc... Just as you have suggested. But with this elusive Midi file I'm trying to work with the FL Studio only shows 'All Tracks' or 'Track 0' (Both give the same result). I think that the rather weird behavior coming from these files are given to the fact that they are .vgm files converted into .mid. Still I wish I understood why some programs don't recognize it as they would a normal midi file.
  8. You mean in Cubase or FL Studio? I couldn't find anything like you described in either of them. Here is a printscreen from the MidiSheetMusic I told you about. It's the only program I have I can load this track. Thank you both for the replies. I'm new here at OCremix, and it's splendid to see that the community is active and welcoming.
  9. Is this dead? I'm making my interpretation of some of the music in the game and I found this thread. Give us a reply if any if you are still around.
  10. Hello friends. I am experiencing a similar problem. I created a thread for help, but since I also found this topic, I think it doesn't hurt to ask you as well. I have a couple of Midi files that I can import to FL Studio and Cubase, but they don't import the percussion section of the file. They play all lines on Windows Media Player. So when I open it on MidiSheetMusic 2.4 it also doesn't show the percussion line, but it can be marked on options to show. Strangely for some reason MidiSheetMusic import the file with the percussion hidden and muted. I'm looking for a way to import the file in
  11. First of all, hello my name is Viny deWonderful. You can call me Viny. I've been composing and doing re-imagination of game music and whatnot, as you'd expect of someone in a O.C. Remix forum. I have been encountering a problem that I can't seem to find a fix online. Maybe someone that better understand the workings of MIDI files can help me out. I'd appreciate it very much. Here is the problem: I have some MIDI files that on Windows Media player play the drums, but when I import them to one of the twos DAWs I use (which are FL Studio and Cubase) they only import the other tracks, not the
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