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  1. You two offered WAY more knowledge then I anticipated. Thanks a bunch! Jesus, you must have a good set of ears. I couldn't pick out all that as well as you did. Though I am not musically trained, so that probably plays a part in it. Thanks for the awesome break down of it!
  2. Also in the same song once the strings start, they have this sort of swell to them. It's on each third note in the beginning of the time. I am pretty sure swell isn't the right word here, but I don't know what the proper terms are.
  3. So I am having a hard time figure out how to recreate a common music technique heard in many fantasy songs. The best example I can give is the start of "Towards the Gate" from FF9. Towards the Gate Right at the start a bunch of woodwinds (and maybe some strings, I can't fully tell) play to where they swell (though I don't think that's the right word) towards higher tones. Giving a positive and joyful mood, but at the same time a sense of wonder. This same technique is heard in other songs as well from other things such as movies, and other games. Does anyone know how (if it
  4. This is a pretty great remix, and not gonna lie. The intro sounded like a boss stage from one of the NES or SNES Mega Man games. So great job on this! Also all the train puns are right on track with this theme. Though I am having a hard time gauging how you aren't a comedian instead of a musician.
  5. I actually was one of the people to back both Chrono Cinematica and Zelda Cinematica. Surprised that Sam posted this publicly as (from what I recall) it was a backer/supporter only track. Though i personally don't mind, Sam Dillard does amazing work and I glad that others who might not have been able to back his projects can listen to his work.
  6. This song was just simply so beautiful. It hit all the right spots to make you feel. I played Final Fantasy IX back in the day and I still have my disc copy for PSX. The ending of the song hit me the hardest (with emotional chills going through my body), as it reminded my very strongly of the ending cut scene from the ending of the game. The cut scene filled me with happy and also sad emotions, you song did the same thing with how well it captured this part of the story. Amazing job, and keep going where ever home may be.
  7. I have always had a interest in the 80s style of music. It's sort of a mashup of different styles and instruments that you would think may not work out well, but yet it does. Within the first (about) five seconds into this song I instantly got that 80s music vibe. Even though I was born in the 90s and enjoy Orchestral music as my favorite type, there is something about a 80s synth that you just can't beat (or not dance to it's beat). And when you have multiple synths, it's even more interesting and fun. This song not only does 80s music (or what much of common day pop culture thinks 80s music
  8. Personally I had a hard time wanting to listen to this piece. The beginning of the song was quiet, very quiet. I had to turn up my headphones (very nice ones mind you) to almost 100% volume. At first I thought it was just me, but I listened to other songs too (several from OCremix) and those were the correct volume. So I went back to the song (still with my volume high) and at about the 0:35 mark I get a ear blast from the song. There wasn't even a gradual raise in volume, it just slammed my eardrums with noise. This was a poor job in Mastering the song. The second issue I seemed to have
  9. So I am trying to pull apart The Main Gate theme from Mega Man Legends. From what I can tell there are two Melodies, and one Chord section (Strings to be exact). The first Melody plays throughout the song and the second Melody plays a specific times during the song. However I am still struggling with figuring out how to make it unique or my own. Any suggestions?
  10. Sounds like a good plan! Thanks for the help. Now to either work with Halo: Covenant Dance or Mega Man Legends: Main Gate theme.
  11. Where I seem to struggle the most is trying to get the notes down to begin with. If it doesn't sound right, I change it and this seems to be a repeating process with me. I guess I am overly critical with myself and it has to be perfect, even from the start. Anyways, thanks everyone for your helps and good suggestions!
  12. This time last year I was taking a MIDI production course at a local college where I used to live (have since moved) and during that course my teacher called me a "Musical Enthusiast". He told me that I am someone who wants to make music but however does not have prior music theory knowledge or does not play a instrument. Fast forward to now. I still seem to struggle with composing/remixes songs so that they have my own "spice" or "kick" to them while still staying true to the original piece. I do have a 48 key Midi Keyboard now and really try to create or remix music. However I find that I ge
  13. Wow! Thanks for the awesome feedback and reply! I was actually expecting sort of a...half a$$ response, as I usually seem to get those in other communities. If there was a "Thanks" button for your post, it would have been hit. I am currently in Game Art College, so I work on songs off and on when I can. So your feedback should be very handy when I get some down time. Thanks again!
  14. I have been working on a remix of Temporal Tower (from PMD) and this is what I have so far. https://soundcloud.com/f1re-dem0n/temporal-rain/s-26g7A Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
  15. Tried that, did not work. This error window pops up no matter the compatibility setting. So DOS-Box is in fact needed to use the file.
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