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Found 8 results

  1. I downloaded an ftm file for a song I've wanted to remix since forever (I've not found a midi for it despite lots of searching.) I'm curious if anyone knows a process that would let you take an ftm file and eventually create a midi file using it. Any needed programs and procedures needed would be really helpful as well.
  2. 3D pianoroll and beatbox works in browser support for Android and iOS 8 instruments and 8 drums import & export MIDI MIDI keyboard support Example More examples
  3. Hello Everyone! I've been remixing video game songs for a few months now and I'm finally posting them here. This is my latest remix, Ken's Theme from Street Fighter II. It's complete, but before I submit it, I need to finalize the name. Currently, I'm referring to it as "Street Fighter II Ken's Theme Hard Rock Remix," but if anyone could suggest a better name, that'd be great. Let me know what you think of this one. I have a few other completed songs that I'll post soon as well. Dallas
  4. Here's a quick rpg theme I recently composed. It is supposed to emulate a scene where the protagonists of the story are reflecting around a campfire and under the stars (hence the sequenced synth at the beginning and the end). All feedback is welcome :D.
  5. Hi! This is my first remix! I picked Volley Fire because I thought no one else would have made one (I was wrong) and I would therefore be free from judgement of my ability (hopefully not wrong) First I have to apologize for a couple things. 1. I'm using Finale, which is for writing music, not producing it. Therefore the instruments sound bad, particularly the guitar. 2. Finale is being a trash fire to me so I can't properly export it so the quality of sound is really bad. 3. It probably could have used a 3rd solo before the big ending, so it might feel like a rushed ending. With all that aside, hope you enjoy this.
  6. Like I said. I NEED THE MIDI! VGMusic.net does not have it, and that's where I get all my midi's from. I'm gonna be part of the 'EVERYONE ON THE WHOLE ALBUM' track for the SF album.' So...care to help me out?
  7. Okay, so after I managed to find a way to play the lead melody of 'The Past' from 'Metal Gear: Ghost Babel' by ear, I started working on a remix. Unfortunately, the said melody is the only part of the song I was able to retranscribe and I'd like to add more elements of the original source to the mix. Since I couldn't find a MIDI anywhere, I was wondering if anyone here (with good ears) could help me sequence one I could use as reference for the mix. Source: Thankfully, it's neither a long piece nor a complicated track, so it shouldn't take too long... I guess ^^' Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello friends and musicians! I have done a look through the site and I couldn't find an answer to my query. Maybe it's simple and I just can't figure it out... Anyway I'll dive into the question: I have the Cubase 7 and I am working on a project, so far I used to use Kontakt 5 for instruments, but now I am trying some VSTs and the CC pan, volume, etc... Are not working. It does control the pan, and volume easily with Kontakt, but when I use, say, TX16Wx, it doesn't affect it at all... Surely those VST plugins have their own pan and volume controls, but I am talking about the one that is under the track you can draw on the DAW, it doesn't change the instrument at all as it does for Kontakt. Does any one who works with Cubase knows what is going on? Any help is very appreciated!
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