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  1. I decided to join in with a last-minute entry, so there actually won't be any extensions. You're welcome.
  2. Hey, cool! Congrats to all the other entrants, and especially to Sir J, Timaeus and Ivan! May the hair on your heads never fall out! Unless it already has, in which case... may you soon acquire a splendid new hairpiece! ...And now I really wanna go buy Dungeonmans. I'm absolutely terrible at roguelikes, but hey, at least I learn from the mistakes I make. ...Well, sometimes.
  3. Hi! I'm NinjaPenguinDan. ...That's a pretty long name to type, so feel free to call me Daniel, Dan, Danbert, Ninja, Pengy, Pengu... whatever, really. I'm fairly new to the whole remix-y thingy, but I'm hoping to eventually get some music on the site. Or at the very least some constructive criticism, but it's good to have goals. I like eating, sleeping, breathing, and playing the piano. ...Or all of them at once, I suppose, but that might be a little tricky.
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