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  1. Hey that first one sounds pretty good. I also found this http://www.rolandus.com/go/v-synth/patch2/yuhki/index.html The sample song has a nearly identical sound right at the beginning! No idea what I'd do with these patches though, anyway to get them working on some software?
  2. Thanks, I was thinking it had to be a sample from some sound module or something. If I'm remembering correctly, Revo also had that sound in one of his earlier songs before Sound Horizon was a thing, sometime in the late 90s/early 2000s. I'll look into picking up Omnisphere, I've had my eye on it for awhile
  3. There's a certain vocal synth or sample that I've noticed in a few places and I'm wondering how to properly recreate it I'll time link some examples it's also used (unsurprisingly, Bravely Default composer) in a few Sound Horizon songs Last one might be a real voice but I'm including it cause it sounds close enough. Anyone know if this is a sample from some sound module, or is it just something you can easily recreate in a synth? I'm not too great at recreating sounds so I thought I'd ask here
  4. Interesting, so I should learn to adapt the song to the new instruments, or become more familiar with modifying sounds myself. I definitely need practice with synths so I'll try an additive synth. I was thinking transferring low quality sounds to something better was just a problem with me, so it's good to know you have the same feeling Rozovian. I'm used to how it sounds now and changing it is difficult. I've made a decent amount of stuff starting with high quality sounds just so I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of switching sounds around later, but I always go back to soundfonts every once in awhile to get something out quickly and without as much effort. I wasn't aware of the name, but I have noticed the component frequencies in organs, that was something I was trying to match when I was looking around for an organ before. I found something pretty close but it being from a high quality soundfont made it hard to modify to fit perfectly. I'll try my best with an additive synth to match the organ, I don't think I'll have too much trouble matching the other instruments. Thanks for the replies guys, I'll take your advice and start with the high quality sounds first from now on. All I need is some practice with synths and effects
  5. Sorry that this is a very broad question, but I'm wondering if someone can help me figure out how to achieve a higher quality sound with my music. I'm self taught, not great with music theory but I know enough to make a song (though i mainly rely on my ear), and my mixes get the point across but aren't anything special. My inspiration to write music came from videogame music, so I started writing with soundfonts from videogames to get better. I've got a decent library of VSTs to play with, and even though I'm trying not to, I find myself going back to soundfonts just to get some ideas out. The instruments in the soundfonts were already picked out and used in a song so I spend all the time writing rather than looking for the right VSTs. This usually ends in what i see as a more interesting composition, but less interesting sound, and I have a lot of trouble replacing the soundfont with decent sounding VSTs. I'll link to my latest soundfont song so you guys can get an idea. I wrote it with a soundfont from one of the Castlevania games on DS (portrait of ruin I think, can't remember) http://picosong.com/SRtb/ No mixing, no effects, and in my head that's the mostly finished song; I can't find any similar sounding instruments to replace them with. For example, I spent nearly an hour looking through everything I had for a similar sounding organ, I only found one from a royalty-free soundfont that sounded similar but had a heavy tremolo on it. I need something less realistic sounding to fit this song, or maybe there's a way to transfer everything to a realistic sound without sounding bad, I don't know. All I know is every attempt I've had hasn't sounded very good, I can't seem to balance the sounds as well as the soundfont does. There's a lot of profressional sounding stuff here so I hope one of you guys can help me out
  6. What about a small fade-in and fade-out in Audiacty with the wrap remainder file? I believe that click you hear is the sudden waveform change in the loop. A small enough fade in and fade out will have the waveform loop seamlessly and it's not a noticable fade if it's small enough
  7. Interesting, I thought there would've been a specific genre for this kind of stuff. This just makes me respect VG music a whole lot more That guitar lulluby video does sound kind of similar, just with a single instrument. So far I've recognized some new-age, folk, and bossa nova elements in Uematsu's town/character themes. I guess all I need is practice with extended chords, I don't really have an ear for them yet Thanks for the help
  8. This is something that's been bugging me for awhile, I can't find what genres these kind of songs belong to, making it hard to find similar music. The reason this relates to music composition is because I want to try making this kind of music, but I find it really hard when I only have a couple songs to listen to Here's some of the songs I'm talking about, all by Nobuo Uematsu There's plenty more, but I'll just stick with 4 to avoid making a huge post of youtube videos I hear a lot of harmonic tension in these songs, especially in Fishermans Horizon, I think that's what makes it sound so relaxing.That's something I'm not too good with yet, so I'm hoping finding more music in whatever genres these belong to will help me understand it better I've sarched everywhere for specific genres but I always end up with "Videogame music" I'd really appreciate if someone could point me in the right directioin
  9. Oh you're right. I tried that knob already but it didn't seem to do much, I just had to link both A and B parts for it to be noticable Zebra2 looks perfect, just what I was looking for. I'll get it as soon as I can. Thanks!
  10. Yeah I just wanted to see if I could make that pitchbend effect, I set the pitchbend range correctly and I came pretty close. I couldn't get vibrato with the modwheel even though I've set it up properly in FL. Does Harmor really not support vibrato or do I have to assign it somewhere? I'm looking for any synth that's flexible enough to pull that sound off, it doesn't have to be free. I will check out TAL-Noisemaker though Thanks for you help
  11. Do you have any recommendations for a synth I should use? I only have FL Studio, but I tried the pitch bend in 3xosc first, then played around in Harmor. I came up with something close, but I'm not satisfied with how the synth sounds. I dunno if that's just me not using Harmor properly or if I should be trying something else
  12. So I've only recently started looking at specific sounds to try and recreate after spending a few years working on composition with mainly VST presets and soundfonts. I can't figure out how Motoi Sakuraba did this effect at 2:42 I can't tell if it's a simple pitch bend or not, I haven't been able to make anything that sounds similar
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