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  1. I can't tell you how much I hate this mix... Hate it for making me like it so much. It's as goddamn catchy as the song it pays homage to. I need ear bleach now.
  2. Tiamat is the symbol of the chaos of primordial creation. With that in mind, this mix is perfect. Everything that has been said so far about it being unnerving and seasick and disorienting is exactly right. Weird to think this is 5 years old now...
  3. I actually feel like this song nails what is good about the original. I think the pitch bends underline the parts in the original that get really ethereal and saccharine. It makes for a good effect.
  4. Shiva Theme Phase 1 and Ramuh Theme are high on my list to tinker with.
  5. Would anyone be interested in hearing a mix of New World Fool from Persona 4?
  6. This theme is great, but in a way that I am afraid of anyone touching it. I'm not really sure how to improve upon this one.
  7. Oh wow, this made me realize Gladion's Theme is just a remix of the Game Corner theme.
  8. That is interesting. There is more room to make things simple and straightforward or go at really interesting and complex when it comes to arranging than I realized. Is there like a "at what measure is a mix still an arrangement of the original vgm?" type thread around? I've read plenty of stuff on copyright, but not anything on how far a stretch from the original can be. Do mixers sometimes, for mashed up tunes, give one melody the tonic of the other and then just use similar intervals to the original? Right now, I'm kind of at a place in music theory where things are starting to make a little more sense, but I don't really have a considerable grasp on anything to really lean on my own instincts or understanding here, so sorry if I'm asking obvious things, or am asking things that don't make sense.
  9. Were the Mavericks paired by the key of their songs? Also, were the 'matches' between mavericks predetermined, or did people just get to call dibs on whatever two themes they wanted? Analyzing this could be a good way for me to educate myself on composition and arranging. I saw some bizarre mash up of Ke$ha's Tik Tok and Katy Perry's The One That Got Away which the creator cited as "easy because they both were in D minor" and it reminded me of the remix battles, so I'm wondering if there is similarity here. But more generally as well, how do you all decide if two vgm pieces are compatible for an arrangement or not?
  10. Piggybacking off this, how do you guys normally get a hold of the melodies and basslines and whatnot for a song? Are you guys recognizing the key by ear and recognizing the patterns and transposing it, or is there a general sheet music compendium for stuff like this, or are there certified midis lying around? Are most DIY midis you find on the internet pretty accurate?
  11. Did this project ever see the light of day, just out of curiosity? NWM was like last weekend. Edit: Also, for games like USF4, do you need to be remixing one of the new characters' themes? How do themes with overlap from SF2 and whatnot work? Sorry if this has already been asked. Edit2: Also with games like P4A2, do reused (not remixed) themes like The Almighty have to be credited to Persona 3? I'm assuming you can only use original themes like Circus Bear. I would imagine a certain rigor would be a good practice in situations like this, even if it is tempting to use tastier themes.
  12. Do I have to take drugs to be able to make that kind of music?

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