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  1. Mix in general: I’d lower your orchestra sounds and pump up the guitars some more (with some more low/low-mids). After all, the title has “Thrashin’” in it
  2. I have no personal experience with ground-up construction, but know a few basics about acoustics that may help some. First thing, consider using cement flooring (rather than plyboard) and cinderblock filled with sand for walls, rather than your more typical wood frame + siding/drywall/corrugate approach to sheds and so forth. More mass = less vibration, and helps isolate sound much better. Not sure about what an equivalent roofing solution would be on this scale. If possible, avoid 90 degree angles in the interior space, which make standing waves easier to accumulate. Doesn’t have to be drastic, a slight trapezoid or parallelogram shape should help. Lastly, maybe consider going windowless, or otherwise use double (or triple?) panes. Again, for sound isolation. Might be overkill depending on if your neighbors are decent and you actually have some reasonable space between one another. I’m operating from the assumption that neither are true. That’s all I got. Good luck man, this will be a hell of an undertaking, but will feel awesome when you finish it!
  3. Can relate to these points for sure. Sorry to hear about your dad. I’m got a mixed bag version of this feeling as well. Mainstream social media platforms are more depressing to me than anything else, and discord often seems too fleeting/shallow for real conversations and connections to be had, and has lately also been kinda depressing. Most of my closest IRL friends live a ways away, but they've actually stepped things up on the virtual front, and that definitely helps. I share your hope about busyness and slowing down.
  4. Very much this. The whole situation has made me have to really take my existing side hustles and hastily convert them into main hustles. Thinking I might try drumming on a freelance platform, but hoping it won’t be the potential nightmare situation I sometimes envision it being. Also, congrats @TSori!
  5. If anyone was curious about Streets of Rage 4, here's my general impression. Has a lot in common with Double Dragon Neon. Gameplay in SoR4 is a faster with much more comboing and such and thus has the edge on gameplay, but DDN is better in terms of graphics/music/design (imho) due to really leaning into the inherent cheese factor. Single run of the story mode with a second player on normal will take about 1.5-2hrs Not that you can’t find gameplay video of it just about anywhere else, but I streamed a gameplay session of it that I did with a friend over Parsec:
  6. The Discord server was probably not the best place to ask this, since things move fast and get buried quickly, so apologies if you saw this question there and it’s redundant to you. Could there be an option for text-only, character-limited forum sigs instead? Considering the rationale given, it should reduce clutter while bypassing the whole issue of non-SSL (and other problematic) images. I ask because my sig contained an invitation to collaborate, which I’ve gotten a few replies to recently.
  7. The instrumentation/arrangement is perfect for that grand ballroom vision. Really enjoyed it! Only thing I would consider for future projects of this type would be to upgrade your strings to a nice sample library to punch up that realism. They aren't cheap (generally $200-500), but even some of the free ones around now can be used to great effect: http://musicproductionhq.com/free-sample-libraries/
  8. Noticed your signature and checked a track out in SoundCloud, very cool work!

    1. thebitterroost


      Thanks! Like it says, hit me up if you get bitten by the collab bug :mrgreen:

  9. This topic is related enough, so I won't make a new one. Regarding sending reminders, the admin folks may want to update the text in the submission receipt emails. In that, it says to check back and send a reminder to one of the judges if you haven't received an initial review within 2 months, as opposed to the 8-month timespan mentioned in the forums/faq. My submission was back in March, so if you've updated between then and now, please disregard
  10. Will do! And unfortunately, turns out I assigned the same input to the other OH mic Big derp. So I’m stuck with the experimental mono overhead. (Not motivated enough to redo them entirely )
  11. Yeah, I will sometimes implement a small experimental approach with a project. Last time was the junky kit, and this time the centered OHs were a sort of experimental aspect to the mix (based on vids/articles like this), but I recorded with an XY config in case I changed my mind, so I think I'll go back and split them up (the mono OH mix can just continue to live on that one YT vid). I agree that it may be making the kit muddier and smaller than it could sound. Might hopefully kill two birds with one stone, thanks for the feedback! And sure, I'm down to play!
  12. Another piece I did for DoD, but unlike the last one (which was a mostly straightforward cover), this one is a mashup of 2 songs from the OST and has a much more original arrangement. Haven't submitted yet, but I think I may sometime soon. Let me know if there's some mix tweaks or anything else that could improve it before I do! Originals: Now, smashed and banged (smanged!) together and turnt to 11:
  13. This sounds great! Very balanced mix that doesn't skimp on the low end. Drum programming and samples are spot-on (though watch the open hi-hats during those fills, that was one of the only cues that it was indeed a sampler). Keep it up, looking forward to seeing it on the front page
  14. I mean, Kai Hansen was represented by the Helloween mention, at least
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