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  1. Hey guys. I wanted to state that over this past week since last Sunday I added a ton of new songs so it's worth checking out if you haven't gotten around to it already. I hope you enjoy them. We got some really good ones worth hearing. https://www.facebook.com/SNESology
  2. Our latest song is a remix of the Dragon God song from Chrono Cross done with the Chrono Trigger soundfont by Mathew Valente the composer behind CT64(later Chrono Resurrection), the famous unofficial and unreleased remake of Chrono Trigger for the N64 and PC. https://www.facebook.com/SNESology https://soundcloud.com/mathew-valente/chrono-cross-dragon-god-16-bit
  3. Hi. I'm new here and I have some questions about something(a good issue) that I want to talk about with a staff member.
  4. Dear Meteo I have thought of doing as you said and following Madame Monobrow's example but there are so many new songs now and I figured people would see the new content when they visited the site anyway. However there have been a lot of new additions lately from just this past week alone. I would like to encourage anyone who see this post to visit and check it all out. Be sure to check out "The Beginning of the World" which is a remix from Xenoblade Chronicles using the Final Fantasy 6 soundfont by Travis Nelson. SNESology https://www.facebook.com/SNESology SNESology discussion group http
  5. Samuel Ascher-Weiss/Shnabubula is a highly talented musician. He was the founder of SNESology which I have been asked to run. I'm very sad to discover that he removed himself from the internet. I've just confirmed this for myself through not being able to view his FB page. I really hope he comes back.
  6. Hello everyone. This is John. Thank you Meteo for helping. Basically we are attempting to get things started again since they been slow for a long time. If anyone has anything or feels like making something please feel free to send me a PM or e-mail SNESology.
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