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  1. this 20-something y.o. kid has been working on a project to do upscaling/restoration on all the ween unreleased demos and other things ripped from cassette tapes, and they all sound really good it has culminated in this, which i'll probably have running til either his computer fails or mine does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jXoIeoGIQs
  2. i think this needs to be resubmitted [url=" "]happier and with your mouth wide open[/url] edit: haha why did it auto embed and break the link?
  3. i wouldn't say that you're doing it "wrong" but i certainly haven't prior thought about holding the mouse the way you do
  4. NOODLING, dave. it was a clever joke and i defy you to gloss over it!
  5. ilp0 is a being with a very intimate relationship with the whammy bar digging this
  6. this early 2000s trance structure almost requires the lead to get buried and dig its way back out again, so i see that as a positive element entirely this one is fun
  7. Hey y'all it's in the final stretch and at 600% of the funding goal, go take a look at how it's shaping up!
  8. I'm surprised to see a thread hasn't already been made for this game, given that they intend to have remixers hired onto the project when it hits the next funding goal! Looks really fun, and I'll be a commandervideo main day 1. How bout y'all? Edit: just in case someone on mobile is having trouble with the embed, here's the link to the project
  9. i would deliberately sit around in levels for quite a while when this theme was playing happy to hear a remixed version!
  10. oh man, i love this in fact i wish it were longer. one of my favorite themes in mm
  11. damnit dave dont talk shit about yerba mate! it's really good when coffee starts to lose its effectiveness
  12. if so, i guess i'll throw my hat into the void and offer up some things i've always wanted to hear have a better treatment. we'll go with three of em for now:
  13. REALLY digging the organic use of game samples in this mix
  14. do you like physics based puzzle platformers with a specific niche skill ceiling? download snake pass immediately, especially since it's on sale for the next week it is so damned fun
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