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  1. If solo piano stuff fits within the theme, I might be intersted; EarthBound Beginnings and MOTHER 3 have a lot of untapped potential.
  2. Love this ReMix! Such a hauntingly beautiful tune already, but going full orchestral really brings it out even more! Didn't realize this was part of a Harmony of Heroes "expansion", so I'll need to get on listening to that! Just as a nit, though, shouldn't the game title be "EarthBound Beginnings"? It's understandable that that might not have been out when this was submitted, though.
  3. Just recently listened to Milky Way Wishes for the first time. It's amazing how hard it is to find arrangements of Mallow Castle, Corn Hall, and the like despite how popular this game is, and I just love the way the original track is represented here. The chip background fits the groove of this track very well, and the guitar lead just has an overall good feeling to it. Love it!
  4. Hey all, I'm Jonathan Aldrich, alias "jdaster64"; long-time OC ReMix fan and recent ReMixer! A friend of mine told me about the site about ten years ago, back when I was just getting into video games and so forth (I remember SuperBuckJazz and Battle Rocks being two of my favorites then, and they hold up just as well a decade later). Nowadays, I do piano covers of Nintendo music on my YouTube channel, mostly Mario, Kirby, MOTHER, and Pokémon stuff, and I've also released a couple CDs of arrangements/covers. I'm hoping to do proper "remixes" of a handful of tunes in the near future whenever I get the time and facilities to do so, primarily Kirby stuff (it is the best), and I'd love to hear your critiques on what I have working on them so far. At any rate, it's great to have something of mine featured here alongside a ton of my favorite video game remixes (and favorite music, period!), and I'm glad to meet you all!
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