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  1. Yay!! Congratulations on your glorious return!! Thank you very much OCR for years of auditory awesome. Pledged again You'll burn through that goal like a hedgehog!
  2. 10 years already? Congratulations OCR!!! You're now double digits!!! Now where did those candles go? To the best music on the internet and the world! Go go video games!
  3. You could just say that's from The Minish Cap artwork (seeing as it looks about the same as The Wind Waker anyways) and not put in the bit that she's in The Wind Waker if you want to try avoid spoilers.
  4. As I explained in the first post of this thread, more than one person is able to claim a song. The song that ultimately makes it onto the project, out of the multiple remixes of the same track, will be decided on by myself and Lea. If our opinions either conflict or we agree that both of the remixes are good, we will put forth a voting procedure in which the people who are involved with the project will decide which version of the song will be on the final product (the voting is the likely scenario). In the case of a person who has claimed both a track currently listed and an alternate unlisted track going up against someone else; the alternate track will still be put on the project, regardless of the outcome of the coordinator/voter decision on the listed track. I hope that makes sense. I just woke up. EDIT: YES! Welcome to the project, Gray! EDIT 2: Teliskopic; try clicking mine again. I just changed the link. Hi again! Sigs all working nicely!
  5. Hi again! The sigs look great, nice and mystical. Great job Lea! I just wanted to ask, is it just me or do the nice pretty sigs not link properly to this thread? I've so far clicked the Luna and Raine sigs and I get an OCR login screen. So I login and then it says the thread I'm looking for doesn't exist. One more thing, YAY!!! *throws out baskets of flowers of support and does a silly little dance*
  6. This is also one of the most beautiful piano mixes here! It's got a lot of feeling. In fact, it's so full of feeling, it makes it all the more wonderful. I've had this mix for a while and now I want to post my thanks for playing such a song. Makes me want to play SoE... though I've only played a very tiny bit into it a long time ago. And Soule's music is great, his FF6 remix is proof of that.
  7. Yay! YAY!! Tales project! Good luck guys and looking forward to it! I'm going to follow....~ Will there be a chance for other Tales games to be remixed too? Like Eternia (Destiny 2)?
  8. This is beautiful stuff, I love your piano playing and the instruments really support it well. Another song that makes me feel sad... well the game was sad too, so why not? Okay, maybe the word is sentimental. It's dream-like in itself and you could just float...
  9. Absolutely beautiful. Very nice stuff, light, chill and makes me feel a tad sad...
  10. Mmmm I love the beat this song gives, I think it sounds good that it repeats and then broken up by different songs. I hardly scratched the surface of this game, so hearing all this is quite good, moody and grooving along. A bit like the groove I get from hearing Rosetta Refrain.
  11. Hi again! I know this was a while ago, but I'd like to say thanks to aubrey for his advice. I'm running on ME so I don't have that nice running processes list that XP has. But it all works fine again! Thanks again aubrey!
  12. Jaw droppingly piratey... It's excellent, it makes me smile. Now I want to play Wind Waker. Also reminds me of Monkey Island, just coz it's got sea shanties
  13. Hi, I was wondering if this was happening to everyone tonight or if it's just me. I logged on about an hour ago and started up the 001-500 torrent, happily downloading. So I checked out some stuff, karaoke and downloaded another remix. My brother wanted to know what version of bt I was using and when I went to check it, it wasn't in the tray anymore. When I tried to reconnect to the torrent, it asked for the download folder again and started verifying the files then stops at 46% with an IO error: [Errno 13] Permission denied. Anybody have any ideas what's wrong? Other times when I had to reconnect coz my pc died while online, file verification was fine and it could continue downloading.
  14. This is just extraordinarily wonderful... it feels good listening to it and it brings a smile to my face. Loving every single part of this song! McVaffe, thanks for making such cool, damn good remixes. Hope everything goes well for you in the future.
  15. I've never played Wild Arms before and listening to this just makes me want to find a copy! The beat just grooves along, the instrumental solos are sweet and every instrument just meshes so well together. Hearing this song always makes me very happy!!! The shortness of it is a bummer but this is a damn good ReMix!!!
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