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  1. Even though it's been months ago... Still, thank you for the new forum! I've just updated my avatar :). ... Although the last letter of my name falls off somehow. Can I correct this myself?!?
  2. Hello! I'm Steven from the Netherlands! I've been on the chatserver since yesterday, so I forgot to make my first post . Well, here is that post! I've been listening and following ocremix since 2006. Well. Better put: I've seen the site for the first time in 2006. Not exactly sure if I've listened to a remix then, but I've certainly heard hundreds of them since then! I was also very much interested in making a home studio about that time, but that didn't came to fruition until, well, about one or two years ago. Quite frankly, I thought it was a good time to join the community, 'cause I hav
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