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  1. Okay, I will use all of the sites. (I mean the good ones you mentioned. All of them) Is this the right place to ask for links to good guides when it comes to songwriting lyrics and making them sound good? If this is just music only then ignore this paragraph. But I would like to give lyrics to a video game song that doesn't have them already. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EAcsiqhkq-s The lead guitar sounds awesome in this, I think it has different settings. The background guitar (bass? Rhythm? What is it called?) also sounds cool, and so do the drums. What VST and effects drums that well?
  2. I only quoted so the reply box would open. It was jammed. Anyway, 30 seconds in, the song sounds weirdly industrial, with a certain sound repeating on most beats, it sounds kinda like a dog's bark on my speakers. Anyway, there's some background stuff like violins and some keyboard/synth thing that starts as the song goes on, what's the synth thing and how can I get that sound? https://m.soundcloud.com/aivisura/steven-universe-sugelite Also, in this, the piano sounds very different. It's lighthearted, quieter, nowhere near as full, and sounds like a crappy old piano a guy in the corner plays while everyone else is dancing drunkenly. How do I get this sound? https://m.soundcloud.com/aivisura/steven-universe-death-rag
  3. Oh. So... do you personally think Bandcamp is the better choice? And why? I want an experienced person's opinion.
  4. Bandcamp SOUNDS like it's best, since it'll pay me more... but you linked both, so there must be a reason why you linked both. Is Loudr better in some other way?
  5. https://m.soundcloud.com/aivisura/steven-universe-alone-together Also, this song has a guitar... thing. It sounds like each bit of guitar riff is ended with a reversed clip of a guitar playing. Am I right? And how do I get that sound? Also, I know pianos and guitars are not the same thing, but I'm using FL Studio for both. https://m.soundcloud.com/aivisura/steven-universe-im-still-here 1. How does the piano sound so good and full and echo-ish in this, and 2. that series of star-like 'ding!' sounds around the 1 minute mark, what is that? 3, there's an extremely faint background 'bleepy' noise used sometimes that kinda reminds me of a video game soundtrack from the GBA era. Also, https://m.soundcloud.com/aivisura/steven-universe-amalgam the piano in this one sounds a little different to the last one. What was done to it? Is the left hand and right hand a separate track with different settings?
  6. Sorry, I meant 1.20. I think that's a piano, but Fruity Loop's built-in pianos don't sound anything like that. How do I get that beautiful sound?
  7. also, what is it the guy does here at 1:30 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3d-JIgTYu8 to get what sounds like a new instrument pkaying, and what is that instrument?
  8. Which of the music-selling sites will give me the largest percentage of the money I make from sales?
  9. If I had a guitarist friend, I would make a band with them. I'll get Shreddage when I have enough money. How much does it usually cost? And is there a free option when it comes to good guitars? And lastly, what's the best place to sell original music online?
  10. Hi, I have FL Studio, but when I use the FL Slayer guitar, it doesn't sound very good. What are the settings/VSTs to make it sound like the guitars from the following videos? https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLlwLXQJ7gn5bzCN5QDejbNWRBmY4sgEl1&params=OAFIAVgC&v=AMd2AbEEcho&mode=NORMAL (And could you also tell me how to do the dramatic-sounding bells in this one?)
  11. That last one is... not really an option. They kicked me out for being bi. I'm living at my college dorm until I'm done with college and then I'm screwed. If you don't believe this, call bs in one sentence and then return to the main topic. Speaking of which, I like the mics mentioned so far, I'll Favourite that for later.
  12. No, really, what's a good mic I can get for under 40 dollars? Also, have you seen the Ashe videos? He sings songs, we have a similar range, and how does his mic give his voice that smooth all-encompasing warm se- attractiveness? I have a similar voice, my phone-mic just can't pick it up. I can also go high enough for most boyband songs.
  13. Edit: Sorry, shouldn't have told you about my ear infection. It'll get better in a few weeks anyway, I got some eardrops. Back to the thing this forum deals in: music remixes. My budget isn't anywhere near enough to buy those super mics you mentioned. I have twenty British pounds, which would be around fifty American dollars or several million yen or one euro. (British humour)
  14. Okay, that. That is what I am now asking about. Also, the phone can record up to 44hz, is that good? And what is the best cheap mic under twenty pounds I could get, which can still record in great quality and make my good voice sound good? My voice is already really good IRL, I don't need an autotuner or anything, but anything that can give it either a full natural smooth echoed sexiness would be great. Right now, when I record my voice, it sounds hollow.
  15. Sweet. By the way, my recording has a setting, it can go from 8 to 44h CD quality. It only gives me an hour of recording instead of 5, but it should be worth it. However, there is no stereo mono setting. What should I do? By the way, if my laptop broke, what would be a good way of raising money to buy a new one? I lose my scholarship if I get a job, my parents kicked me out, and I live at the college dorm full-time.
  16. You know that thing where a song will have vocals panned to the center, with the instruments around them to create that wonderful music sound? I want to do a cover of a song, I have the musical backing track file ready, and I want to make it sound great when I sing the lyrics and put them into the song. How do I overlay the recording of my voice onto the song and make it sound great, as if my voice is supposed to be on the song? I have Audacity, Fruity Loops studio, and I have no high quality mic. I plan on using a HD recording app on my android phone to record my voice the best it can, and I'll see what I can do with it from there. Also, is there any kind of Echo or Reverb setting or something that will make my voice sound better? The song is a techno dubstep kind of song, but with actual lyrics that can be sung.
  17. Excellent! When I become stupid rich, I'll buy it! So, uh... did anyone figure out what guitar vst the Pokémon song I linked used? I want that guitar vst.
  18. Awesome! What FL Studio plugins/tools do you recommend for this?
  19. Instructions were unclear, accidentally referred to this place as Bob's BurGerx: GOTY Edition. 0/10.
  20. Hi, I'm Winning! I'm fairly new to composing, but I want to get better. My dream is to succeed in life, I like anime and games, my favourites are One Piece, Pokemon, and Fallout, I dislike Xcom, and I have FL Studio and Audacity.
  21. Once you record your vocal track and put it into FL Studio, how do you make it sound better? Not just autotuning, but echos, panning, layers, etc.
  22. Sweet! By the way, the forum threads appear to be upside down. How do I fix that? Also... the bells are awesome, but what about the guitar? Or should I make a separate thread asking about that?
  23. Alright. What tutorials do you recommend for that? Also, I'm not sure if I should make a separate thread for this, but... Where is an awesome metal-guitar VST I can get for free? Preferably the kind of intense lead-guitar epic thing, like the guitars in this short song from the awesome Pokemon Album: http://ocremix.dreamhosters.com/files/music/albums/missingno/1-01%20Game%20On%20(~Opening~%20Demo)%20%5BFishy%5D.mp3
  24. Hi! I've been experimenting with FL Studio for a few months, I've loved music and remixes for years, and I was wondering where I might find some good Church Bell instrument VSTs? Big, booming, dramatic ones, the kind that go "Oh no, the evil villain is here, and he's going to destroy us all!". Preferably, it'd also be able to do "Church of Good Holiness soundtrack" and "Happy Wedding Church Bells", but I'm mainly after the big, clear, booming bells of doom.
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