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  1. I have not played the game, that said, what you said about weapons being retrieved from monsters, that is what I imagined ff13 to be when I first heard about it. That should add new dynamics to the battle system. I think as long as you do it well (which, in my opinion, ff13 didn't do well) you can call it FF. i have to admit, that what drew me in to the FF series, is decidedly missing from the later ones. My favourite is still 9, for the sheer fact of sidequests, and great abilities in battle. I persevered through to the end of the game and wanted to play it again.
  2. I just listened to possibly the best remix ever. I don't mind sounding audacious saying that! The musicality and production of the song takes me into a place that the original did not even compare to. Props to Ivan Hakstok for his remix of Balamb Garden (entitled Garden of Hope) i know that's saying alot, but I just feel better after listening to the song, that repetitious ad nauseum FF music cannot do. It also makes me think of the end goal of the game more clearly (beating up badass Ultimecia) It takes me to a place both spiritually and musically that the original did not go. Also, i was wondering if anyone knew the point of the first song (I don't mean that derogatory, im just wanting to know what the focus was when writing the remix)
  3. I find that nocturne usually means it does some kind of arrangment on the theme, this song fits the word perfectly. I think that is why i could listen to it solely as a solo piano arrangment, valentine or no! It really is lovey-dovey. Good job there!
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