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  1. Thank you timaeus222 for your time to explain your workflow. I learn some more techniques own to you : having some basics instrument/sounds to elaborate my soundscape, it would be easier to stay in the creating process instead of taking too much time focusing on the perfect sounding instrument right off the bat. I'm not good enough to have this kind of feeling of getting all the remix in my head before going to work on my DAW. But as stated by Jorito, I could use a pen and paper to get my arrangement written down, and stick to it. I didn't think about working in "parts" instead of going for the whole mix in one shot. Maybe that's why I feel overwhelmed by all the stuff to think about. I listened to the tracks that you have put in your post, I like all theses little FX samples (I can hear some kind of bow) that contribute to the universe that you want to share. If I could permit myself of an opinion, the final version At 2:30, some chords progression are a bit weird to my ears.
  2. Yo Jorito, Thx for your answer, very interesting concept that you have. I try also to get a whole idea of where the arrangement should go. But my ideas usually get overwhelmed (and forgotten) as I go deep into the process of choosing instruments. It is a good idea to write down for good your arrangment and keep your mindset with this blueprint. It is like having a real client task to fulfill . Maybe I should try to reorganize my folders in order to take in consideration multiple genre of one track (mostly if I go with a changing tempo). All the best
  3. Hi Garpocalypse, thank you for your answer, very complete. I wouldn't expect a so well constructed answer in a few time I didn't know that writing and arranging was 2 different jobs ! (by the way you forgot mastering that comes up after the mixing process). What I struggle the most is arranging, I have so much choices (I have a lot of vsti), that I freeze by chosing what I will use for each part. I like the comparison with an artist that you make in your post, I'm not a sketch artist, but it makes sense what you say. Some vsti needs more expression when playing (it could be playing with the midi keyboard mod wheel), I could use some automation, but it would be more work. I will try the "sketch artist" approach by "erasing" part of midi melody (duplicated track of course) to redo in the style of the vsti selected to give more realism. Thanks for that new interesting approach that you have : " music's three core components which are melody, harmony and rhythm " I usually do the melody and harmony (in one or two tracks, whatever) , but the Rhythm, I didn't think about it. It is a great component for inspiration and to get into the mood ! It should be what I was lacking until now : the rythm ! I know that Rythm isn't only about drum (but most part of it does the job), it can be a line of bass also, etc. Me too, when I began using a DAW, it was terrible, I couldn't even make a descent sound. I had to learn by myself with lynda.com video / youtube video / books. It took me a lot of time, patience, and money to get something from Ableton Live. But I'm happy now that I didn't give up ; yey, the love of VGM has gave me the strengh to continue ^^
  4. Hello, I use Ableton Live as a DAW for a couple of years. But my question is more general. I would like to know your workflow of doing VGM arrangement. I would guess that I should first find out the chords and melody ; put them into midi. And then get my prefered VSTI and VST to get things moved along to build my arrangement. Would you mind sharing your workflow with me ? Second question, do you do start to finish only one track per time ? or do you work on 5 (or more) tracks !? Thx in advance
  5. Scores and Chords in video : https://youtu.be/SykJi8WWNJ0
  6. Hello, here is my remix of the track "Shinrin Forest" of Breath of fire 1 https://soundcloud.com/hleet-tahiti/breath-of-fire-1-shinrin-forest
  7. here it is : https://soundcloud.com/hleet-tahiti/breath-of-fire-1-shinrin-forest
  8. lol the video for a marriage:). Might be video game geeks XD Insteresting playing
  9. Madwires, breath of fire is one my favorite game of all time. I'm still a beginner in remixing video game music, but I will take the challenge also Feel free to listen to my other remixes :soundcloud.com/hleet-tahiti or my website link to game remix (I post track's chords also there) : http://www.hleet.com/category/games-remix/ I plan to make a lot of music remixes from the breath of fire series. I will post back here when it will be finished.
  10. yes ngc2440nucleus, I feel the same. It is too much work to redo all the midi part to match the guitar play. Each note of the guitar vsti has to be reviewed as muted or not. Anyway, thx for listening and for the comment I appreciate
  11. Here is my chords research about the ken theme of street fighter 2 https://youtu.be/nhdc90XvYn4 Hope it can be helpful to someone else who wants to make a cover too
  12. Hello there, here is my remix of ken theme from street fighter 2 : https://soundcloud.com/hleet-tahiti/street-fighter-2-ken-theme Enjoy
  13. If it can help someone with my chord research : https://youtu.be/2vSdndZLsK4
  14. Hello, Here is a remix that I made of the track Dr Willy Stage 1 of Megaman 2 https://soundcloud.com/hleet-tahiti/dr-wily-stage-1-megaman2
  15. Hello, I'm from Tahiti (French Polynesia).

    I played a lot SuperNes Games when I was young, and all music from them took a great part of my youth.

    I want to do remixes of my beloved Video Games Music :)

    My website for news of my work : www.hleet.com

  16. Hello, My Guile Theme with Chords (Synthesia) : I remade the music version on my soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/hleet-tahiti/street-fighter-guile-theme What do you think guys ?
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