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  1. I need help! I just did Grandio Espada, and its a soundtrack I am on the fence about a lot of songs. If I rate it the way I want, it becomes the second best album by index and 3rd by Eval... Also I have 3 SS songs, but the game is fairly unknown, so its hard to really say they should be SS, but that implies popularity has a say vs quality... and if I take just those to S the album drops down. Further more there are 6 songs I don't really feel on a personal taste level, so while it already has a high quality score, its score could be also be being devalued a bit by bias... as well as over value
  2. That explains why i couldn't find it lol.
  3. Ill have to check that out, my eve corp showed me this plug.dj thing.
  4. Yeah I am in it during the day. I'm trying to promote it though a few sources, but yeah, idk, maby ill park a DJ in it at home so it has something playing in it at least at all times? I'm not really sure the best way to get something like this off the ground. Also if were talking about the same other channel they also have a list of banned artists, and bitched at me for playing a remix saying that the channel is only for OST, I pointed out that the rules say OST, remix, cover etc. To which they replied "no not really". Then like 2 minutes after that another one was like "well your video's were
  5. Its back up! Well its any genre, so long as its video game related Also its not officially OC-Remix's room. Not that it couldn't be. Its just a room I made after searching around and finding that other video game related rooms were things like "OST only" or "No dubstep, no the following artists x,y,z, no songs without videos, and more arbitrary nofun rules." So I wanted to make a room with less restrictions and dedicated to remixes rather than OST or OST + remix.
  6. Still working on it, here you can view the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eRmXzG2gozNRcG2xcZTpEDYuEQtTmke0f15Ew7kBC64/edit?usp=sharing ill write an entry about each soundtrack soon. Once I get a first 10 (should be today)
  7. Annnnnd of course the day I post it the site goes down for maintenance -.-
  8. I made a Plug DJ room you guys may be interested. https://plug.dj/video-game-covers-and-remixes What is Plug DJ? It't a chat/streaming thing with terrible art. But it lets you make playlists via youtube/soundcloud and "DJ" that playlist out to other people in the room. Anyone can DJ just by having a playlist. Once there is more than 1 DJ it will cycle through each DJ's playlist round robin style so its great for sharing songs. Its free, no advertisements and I personally don't stand to gain anything sending you guys there. Also they have never emailed me... Allthough I may have associated my s
  9. On this work computer every thread is backwards, starting with the newest post at the top, and the oldest post on the last page, its very confusing. How do I set it back to normal?!
  10. awesome thanks! sorry I meant to follow up on this sooner but we had an insane work week last week, and we are still cleaning up this week. So I haven't had time.
  11. I could, I'm already doing it mostly in a basically excel sheet. But theres really minimal math involved... But i could probly make a poll type submittable format... Idk, you will see some of my stuff later on how Im breaking it down I was going to get to a 10 count then do a first batch. Also im purposely targeting candidates that would be in the top... PS: Contribution score is a terrible name for that system so if anyone has a better name throw it out there . Again this is 1 random persons general opinion so feel free to disagree its just for fun anyway. PPS: After going through about ha
  12. Well I dont plan on arguing with anyone so..
  13. Arbitrarily based on person taste Cause I don't have a lot to do at work. Ill post some charts once I get a few of them done. I didn't wanna spam posts so I was going to do like a batch post once I get a few done. Popularity is not really a factor. . . Other than in some extreme cases I'm not going to over-rule general consensus. Example, even if I hated the Zelda over-world theme on a personal level (I don't hate it but just for fun pretend I do)... I'm not going to argue that its anything other than SS due to its special case of extreme popularity. This is all just for fun anyway and should
  14. Okay so, Here is how the system works. Quality Index: The songs are ranked by tier like characters in a fighting game. Rank (graded on a bell Curve) SS <- Legendary songs like Zelda Overworld most games don't have this. S <- Amazing tracks that will stick with you for years after playing Few games have these, and usually only 1-2. A <- Excellent all rounders, the stages you look forward to. Most games have 1-3 of these. B <- Above average songs that elevate above the norm. C <- Basic solid tracks that you may not remember... But don't upset the ears. D <- Sub-Par songs, usual
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