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  1. Heeeey! I made a cover of Mute city from F-zero, and I would like to hear your thoughts about it! Enjoy! -Mr.alek
  2. Hey thanks, feeback is always really nice. I agree, timing was off at some points, but that won't happend next time (I was too lazy to rerecord the parts with off timing). -I don't know if I Agree about the variety, but I agree about the Harmonies, I should have used parallel sixths or thirds for the Harmony stuff. -I wanted the bass line to stay simple, and I guess I did LOL. But to sum things up, I'm on a journey of learning how to become a better guitarist and musician, so this feedback is very VERY valuable to me. And you will definitely hear more of me, already working on my next cover, which will contain cool sounding Harmonies and a more complex bass line for sure. Thanks for you comment man. I really appreciate it! Have a nice day
  3. Hello, I have made a cover of the Hyrule market theme from The legend of Zelda, ocarina of time! I hope you'll enjoy it! -Mr.Alek