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  1. When I played WoW I got pissed off because all of my other names were taken, so I came up with a name nobody would ever make, Zshvchliger. My guildies couldn't pronounce it so they just started calling me Zsh and it just stuck with me.
  2. I started out listening to Nobou Uematsu and creaming my pants at all of his compositions. I love how he was able to create some of the most remembered pieces of gaming music history one after another. I was once a part of a Final Fantasy 4 Fan game and I was asked to make original music for it. Even though I was completely new to digital music I tried my best and studied his pieces thoroughly(especially Dancing Mad). Then I found out about Kenji Ito and Yoko Shimomura and listened to a lot of their work. I grew up listening to Queen almost every day so I usually listen to them if I am having writers block of some sort. Recently I found Motoi Sakuraba and have been experimenting with MP3 Orchestrations trying to get even a little bit better with them. Sakuraba is an insanely talented composer and I always go to Smough and Ornsteins theme when trying to make up an orchestration. Danny B is someone I've looked up to for a few years now, he's honestly the reason why I have been so active making music and remixing a lot of songs. The kind of music I am most inspired by is the style of Aivi and Surasshu(the composers of Steven Universe). It is so brilliant and I aim to capture the way they combine chiptunes, digital synths, and jazz together for something that always gives me an eargasm. Now when it comes to my biggest inspiration, I would have to say that would be Nujabes. I did not even try to make beats until I watched Samurai Champloo and found out about his work. He was a legend and his music always inspires me. When I found out about his death I got inspired and decided to stop sitting around and start making digital music again. tl;dr Chiptune Jazz
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