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  1. putting time and effort into something doesn't automatically make it art or good for that matter
  2. schwartz the quality of most of the pics you post are good the contents of the art is a different story also ugh zero suit samus and I don't think that cosplay is art
  3. now get ready 'til lt gives a poo
  4. those aren't in gif buddy
  5. I'm pretty sure this thread is for GOOD game art guys so what up with the last couple of posts?
  6. some of this thread is good for a laugh the rest is cool
  7. has anyone posted this yet http://lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com uh god why I am posting so much in this shit thread
  8. I think we already established that saxman's videos are terrible
  9. atma stop arguing with 13 year olds you can't make 'em understand
  10. something about this thread is suspicious...
  11. FR


    I like tim follin's stuff but you guys have probably heard this stuff before
  12. a guy can't give his honest opinion without being called a troll these days I could have worded my post a little better though...
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