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  1. The athmosphere is really nice, and it's a nice song. I like the round-ness of your sound as well. I think it could use some more expressiveness and dynamics. For example, at around 1:32 a theme is re-stated with a nice and full arrangement, and it would benefit the clarity of the form ("listen up, I'm re-stating the theme!") and expressiveness if the music would swell some more. I would also consider using staccato patches in the strings accompaniment starting at 00:32.
  2. Hi all, My first remix has recently been rejected by the judges panel, but luckily it maybe has a chance of passing if I resubmit after making changes. So, the tips they gave were mostly on MIDI-massaging and using different samples. In the time between submitting the original and receiving the feedback (a year) I have learned some new tricks and have bought a few new samples so I spent a few hours replacing instruments and also re-arranging stuff. I'd like to know how many fake-ness is still distracting in this updated version, and of course other tips are welcome as well =) . Cheers! Edit: working link =P : https://soundcloud.com/timdeman/an-oath-fulfilled