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  1. Nice. Probably one of the best ReMixes on the site. People who shun it can go suck a sage. You should do a lyrical one to Lucca's Theme (how does one pronounce 'Lucca' anyways?). Also, even if Mitsuda DID listen to this song, he wouldn't be able to understandit -- he's said so himself that he isn't very good at English -- but the song is still cool, even if you couldn't understand it. Trés Cool, 9/10. My only problem is, the song isn't long enough, and the voice wasn't "robotic" enough, oh yeah, the vocals are sort of faded. o
  2. It's alright.. Kind of freaky, but I guess that's the point.. Reminds of that Pirates of the Caribbean's ride (whatever it's called) at Disneyland, or something, and part of it reminds me of a song by soundTeMP.. Not a song I would choose for a Dark Cloud remix, as there are several other great songs on the Dark Cloud (I loved Dark Clouds music), but oh well.. At least I can hear the original melody. Nice. By the way, Tomohito Nishiura composes the Music for Dark Cloud.
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