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  1. I was listening to my current favorite remix posted this year when I decided to check out any new mixes posted, and uh, this might be my new favorite mix of the year. I'm so biased towards Undertale though, so, heheh… wow, NICE. I really feel like I'm experiencing the Pacifist Route's final boss battle all over again! The source tunes are really recognizable, though with some unique flavor mixed in. Honestly, I could go on and on, but I feel like i might be delving into spoiler territory if I did Just check this out, yeah?
  2. Oh, this is so delightfully chill. Never been a big fan of the original source tbh. Avoided it if I could ha ha. This just takes it and jazzes it up. So smooth. So sexy.
  3. Was gonna download the full album (I haven't been more excited for a new album in years!) but I haven't the time to get all that awesomeness at once. I still really had to take a listen, and wow this track is lovely! The jazz genre has always been one of my favorites. So full of life and culture and this is just the perfect listen for a good chill out session. One of my favorite submissions of the year
  4. wow, this is gorgeous. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love how this is the only place where people still give a crap about Chrono Trigger, but oh my god have I been waiting for more Super Mario Galaxy. And this delivers. Delivers so well. Especially considering this is a medley and I am rather critical of them. Insta-download. When it first builds up into Good Egg...I got chills, man.
  5. Yes! YES! More Touhou! I'm ashamed to admit that I started giggling madly when I noticed this. Touhou music is just so GOOD, man. So good. And for some reason I always really look for the mixes specifically posted to OCR, but I digress... Great job! I love how it starts out slow and mystic, fittingly enough for the source, anyway... but then it just SLAMS you with music fitting for a battle with Suwako. Very good! It may not be a favorite but it's definitely an insta-download! Keep it up!!
  6. I could just kiss both of you right now. Oh my god I could not ask for a better remix of one of the best Mario tunes ever. I knew that I would not be disappointed!
  7. Heyyy, everybody! M'name's Nick! I love OCR and have been visiting the site semi regularly since uhhh 1999? 2000? Way back. Dunno why it took me so long to join. :v Besides the obvious video games and music, I love making the artworks, homestuck, and cartoons. Idk if anyone here will see legit submissions from me... I am starting to learn how to play guitar, but I honestly have no idea what I'm doing lol. I love the community, though, and hope to make friends and stuff, so, hey guys! \o/
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