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  1. nice nice. I loved the SoM game too. Too bad my bro let his friend borrow the cartridge and then the guy moved away with it that b@st@rd..but anyway. Yea, I love DJP's mixes and I love orchestrated stuff. Dang, haven't seen an SoM remix in a while, or maybe I just forgot, meh. Well I'm gettin off track again so I'll just end it here. Nice arrangement
  2. hey everyone, I've been listening to OC remixes for quite a few years and it makes me want to make my own remix. I've got my fruity loops 3.5 and the midi. I've tried to fool around with the program and figure out stuff, but its just way too confusing. I checked out the tutorial, but that itself was already confusing enough. I was wondering if any proficient FL users could help me out on how I should get started, or if there are any online manuals that people wrote up that may be easier to understand. I just need to know the basics first and from there I can use my knowledge of FL to find out
  3. Obviously none of you have ever heard of or played the SNES game "Jim Powers". Not only is it the hardest game, but the last boss is fricken impossible. I used an invincibility cheat along with the ZSNES turbo button, but the boss still took at least 5 minutes of constantly using the "super bomb" of the game. along with another 5 minutes of just running through the level with the turbo button.
  4. how do i load soundfonts into FL 3.4? I've d/ed the soundfont and placed it in the soundfonts directory, but i don't have any of the data to use. the soundfont is supposed to give me a variety of instruments and such, but there aren't any. can someone help me out?
  5. its hard to make out the actual music from the game, but it sounds nice. Its easy to spot at the end though. But overall, its a good arrangement. I recommend this. Plus, I was always awaiting the day someone makes a remix from Bahamut Lagoon. Another of Square's good games. If you haven't played it, give it a try.
  6. I have the version 3.4 FL progam, i put it in the (whatever)\samples\soundfonts and the file is in .sf2 format. When i go to soundfonts, it just shows up as 1 soundfont and nothing else. Its supposed to be like alot of instruments and stuff but i dont' see them.
  7. Hey, i think this is a stupid question too, but hey, if i get an answer, its worth it. Well anyways, Uh...How do you install a soundfont? haha. i tried putting it in the directory where the default ones were, but it doesn't show up. can i get some help here? thx
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