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  1. Thanks folks! I was able to borrow a pair of mastering headphones from a friend, and I definitely see what you guys are saying now... Will put a lot of time into EQ. Tim, I appreciate the explanation! Been just using EQ1. Will swap over and fix things that way. Thanks! Also, good ears on the guitar haha, mostly just using that at the moment until I can figure out a way to record my electric in that doesn't sound like somebody farting through a walkie-talkie. I'm broke at the moment so almost everything I'm doing is with free stuff or jerry-rigged old equipment. Will look towards a su
  2. Hello folks! Been stalking OCR for years now, listening to the glorious tracks that people have made in this community, and it inspired me to get into music years ago. Figured I'd give a remix of something a shot. Granted there's been a million and one remixes of the Corneria theme, but it was one of the few songs I could play well on a piano so I figured I'd give it a shot. Bit of a newbie with FL12, so I know the mixing is godawful as it stands, par for the course with anybody new, but I'm trying my best to learn. Big thing I was going for with the mix was the sense of adrenaline y
  3. Heard of sidechaining, never looked into it. Will check it out, thanks! And alrighty on the starts - question on EQ ducking though. With the starting pluck, I had bass frequencies ducked to about 50% - is it beneficial or sketchy to cut them completely? Kind of had a gradual slope from low bass up to normal EQ on the highs. Is it better to do full cuts vs. a sloping EQ? (Using FL Parametric EQ 2, if I'm not explaining it right, the little slope on there with the freqs). Kind of trying to do that with parts of the mix, cutting a little bit of mid and a lot of high end on the basses, lightly
  4. Hey guys, lil bit of background before I post the track. Background in a lil bit of music, my mom was a piano teacher, so got started on that at an early age. Tought myself guitar. Still kinda suck at that. Bought FL Studio about a year ago, dabbled in it, picked up a old Yamaha keyboard with MIDI out to try to make some tunes, as well as a Blue Yeti for the aforementioned terrible guitar playing. Finally decided earlier this week that I would suck it up and make use of the $200 I threw at FL Studio, and make something I would be proud of showing off, and possibly sell if people thought it
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