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  1. Hey guys, This is my first full composition/arrangement of music. I've been studying music theory/composition for about a year now so I still have a ton to learn. I was hoping to get some critique for this piece. In particular, the instrumentation choices and the general mixing. The main themes that the piece borrows from are one of the city tunes and the kelethin tune. There is also minor borrowing from the opening theme as well. Parts have been reharmonized and some new counterpoint has been added as well. https://soundcloud.com/zazabar/eoforch_wip2
  2. I can understand a few of the complaints the voice actors have. But to ask for things like royalties in a market where game prices haven't risen in years to match inflation? Where programmers/artists/musicians/etc don't get bonuses? There are plenty of games that will work fine without a voice actor. Let's see how far your game goes without a programmer or modeler though. If this goes through and other groups follow up with unions of their own, I forsee the cost of games rising or companies dropping out. Games are sometimes on razor thin margins as it is nowadays.
  3. I wonder why so many people are skipping out on compos nowadays. It makes me a sad panda.
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