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  1. Great piece! Congrats on a really amazing arrangement, the sequencing was really cool, I'm not sure how you did that but it's almost believable as an authentic performance. If you have a longer version of the song, please post it - I'm sure the people on this site would appreciate it. Also, if you have the sheet music or some form of the arrangement itself it'd be brilliant if you could post it. I wouldn't mind a shot at playing the piece myself, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  2. Have to say, I'm going to disagree with quite a few posts here... while this is a good sounding arrangement overall, it's very much lacking. It.. sounds like it's half improv, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it also means in this case that the harmony is very bland, as well as the accompaniment structure. It's just more of the same, to the point where one wonders whether Klutz is capable of doing much more than this. The short length does beg the question... did Klutz simply run out of ideas? There was also this... uneasiness about the introduction that I didn't like, like he was having trouble controlling the notes, and resulting in a few oddly accented notes. That said, I do like CT arrangements because it's excellent music to begin with, and this is better than a lot of stuff out there. The overall performance and recording quality is very good, but I guess you'd expect that from an electric piano. I also appreciate that this recording is very old... Klutz has most likely improved since.
  3. Loved the sound you got out of the piano... how did you do that? The quality was excellent.
  4. Aprentis, the point was that it *isn't* the exact same piece - hence the criticism of the new harmony, and despite this, it isn't much more of a difference either - there's not much development. You're saying that the piece can't be simpler, or more complicated, or it won't sound right - but I think that's the very reason why it doesn't quite work. It's not totally true to the original, yet at the same time it's nothing groundbreaking. I do acknowledge that it's a good performance and a decent recording though, and that's where this piece's merits lie. (btw kLuTz - just out of interest, did you intend for the harmony to be more simplistic than the original, or was it totally accidental, and you were just too used to the 4-5-1 progression?)
  5. This is a decent piano solo and is well put together in terms of the overall sound and performance, compared to a lot of the rubbish I've heard... a worthwhile download, anyway. It's clear that a lot of effort's gone into this work. I'm sorry to say it though, but I have to agree with Disco Dan on his points - I acknowledge that the idea was to recreate the atmosphere of the game while keeping to the simple tune, but if you're going to go as far as you did with shifting the timing of the melody about and making it more lively, perhaps it would have been a good idea to create more variations or subtle melodies. Also, you've kinda killed the chord progresion - it doesn't sound nearly as beautiful as the original with such simplistic harmonies, and that's what the piece is all about. Still, as I said, it's a decent recording as it is, and is based on a sadly under-developed tune that remains one of my favourites. I'd enjoy it just for that.
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