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  1. Just wanted to say, belatedly, to the people bashing the lyrics, that they relly do make perfect sense, but only in the context of the game Chrono Trigger. It's not just a song about being away from home that uses some chrono trigger music, it's a song about Crono's own journey.
  2. I don't care about faithfulness to the sound of the original consoles. This mix rules. It's so diverse. Never repetitive. Tons of harmonic exploration, enhancing on the original melody. Tons of changes in style, tempo, feel. Pieces of melody are transposed, reinterpreted, cut in half and spliced back together. Absolutely captivating all the way through. This mix overflows with creativity - it's not simply new clothes on an old piece, it's like he crumbled the old piece into bits and threw it into a giant pot. This is like my favorite mix on this site in recent history.
  3. I have yet to hear the mix (just dling it right now) but rack your brains a bit... remember, King's Quest 5 doesn't take place in Daventry! Graham has gone off to find his family, who have been stolen along with his castle and put into a bottle by the evil Mordack. He's searching through parts unknown.