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  1. Hehe, no jabs intended, just typing random shit. I'll have to check out that mix tho
  2. Very nice guitar, goat does not disappoint. The wails of this man's axe brings wailing to my very soul. The drums could definitley be better in my opinion, they sound a little canned but what can you do without studio space and an actual drummer? Excellent work, and congrats on your recent marriage.
  3. Worst RPG ever? SaGa ownz! Major props to chaos for covering this game. I'm actually kind of jealous cause I'm working on a SaGa remix and was'nt the first one here to do it... I too felt there was a bit lacking... maybe it's because I've been waiting so long for a SaGa mix and have been expecting the earth and the heavens from it. The piece had a very SaGa feel to it, eg. the drums at the just under two minutes which sound very familliar to the SaGa boss battlesAnother beef was the fact that I had always liked the song because of it's lack of loudness (shit, am I even making sense?). This mi
  4. Whoa... I may be male, but I had MULTIPLE orgasms when hearing this song. It rocks all. Was gonna write a long review, but right now I'm speechless. I think I'm gonna listen to 'Love hurts' now, cause if it's anything like this mix I'll be a really happy man. Awesome shit, DJP. I'll try and write up a better review in a bit, but right now I am too much in awe atm.
  5. All and all, not bad. Not too shabby at all. It begins with a very nice piano bit that reminded me of the SaGa Frontier 2 Soundtrack. In fact, being a huge fan of that soundtrack, I was a bit disappointed it did'nt stay that way. That disappointment lasted for about a micro second tho. At about 2:25 the song starts picking up with some crazy echo piano thing that worked for me and a bit of percussion. At about 3:40 we hear the first bit of grainy guitar. True, it be grainy, but I thoght it still sounded good. It switches from piano goodness to grainy guitar and back again a few more times from
  6. The best thing since spaghetti No amount of metamucil could make this shit slicker. It's cool as a cucumber. But seriously, all idiot phrases aside, I love this remix. Me and 'Ghetto Recursive' go back a long way. Let us step into my trusty time machine and go back say, ten months. As we step out of the time machine we see a young man, mouth agape, listening attentively at what beautiful sound is coming out of his speakers. That young man was me. The song... none other than 'Ghetto Recursive'. A few minutes prior, I had stumbled upon another gem, 'Lord Protektor' and was mesmerized by it too.
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