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  1. Thanks for the comments! I know what you mean about developing the sections a little more. That's the same thoughts I have when looking back on it. The later tracks are a lot more fleshed out, and don't cram quite as many themes into one song. I think if given then time I'm going to go back and try and flesh things out a little bit more. In any case, thanks for listening!
  2. Hey all! I wanted to share my latest project with you. I've been working on re-imagining the soundtrack to Chrono Cross as if it were a film score - classic symphony orchestra and all. What I'm sharing is the 2nd track on the album (I'm currently writing the 4th) of around 12 or so. I don't mind feedback, but mostly I wanted to share this with other fans of the series and get the album a little exposure before I try to kickstart a release later this year. I hope you enjoy it! I also can post the 1st track and parts of 3 and 4 if anyone is interested! 02 Far From Home - Cross Symphonic P.S. sorry if I posted this in the wrong section...
  3. Thanks for the info! Very helpful! I'll go a head and make a post tomorrow. (hopefully in the right section) Happy New Year!
  4. Hi all, Newbie here, just wondering where/if I can post some arranged tracks from a video game album I'm working on. It's not associated with OCremix, and I'm not really looking for a lot of feedback... (though some is ok) Mostly I'm looking for an outlet to share the music for other fans to enjoy, and to help promote the project. Is there a place for that here? Or is this forum only for OCremix projects/masterclass type work?
  5. I like this, it's very chill/relaxed. Alhough I can't help but feel Darth Vader is trying to seduce me the whole time, which really made me laugh when Luke comes in with "don't do that..." haha Nice work!