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  1. At this moment, I am confident that I can make Wounded work for solo accordion. Thank you! Once I figure out exactly how I want to make it work, then I'll be in touch with you about mixing/mastering. Nobody can replace Careless... I'm just the new guy with an accordion. I will convey this to the rest of the band, and we'll be sure to be in touch with you about mixing/mastering for our contribution. Thanks so much, Brandon!
  2. And another post by me! Sorry if I'm creating a clutter, but I'm now writing on behalf of my band, Random Encounter. After discussing this project with the other members, we would like to request a claim on "Heresy". Our most recent track release was this Ecco: The Tides of Time number off of the Sound Waves tribute album. This track is particularly special because it's the first one with complete contribution by me since my joining of the band in the summer of 2015. In addition, Random Encounter has also released The Big Blue LP, and the full-length Let Me Tell You A Story. We think that
  3. Good day! My name is Jackson, and I'm an accordion player. If it is still available, then I would very much like to lay claim to Wounded. To the Seas of Time album released last month, I contributed an arrangement of the Overture. Another example of my small ensemble work is this arrangement from Super Metroid. However, the lion's share (hehe) of my YouTube content is solo accordion, and that is the treatment that I think I would like to give to this particular Final Fantasy VIII piece. Recent examples of my solo accordion work are Pat Metheny's "Letter from Home", and the Metal Gear Soli
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