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  1. Just finished recording guitars and everything for my track that I plan on entering in Dwelling of Duels Really excited about the partnership with DoD for this album! The only issue I'm having now is that I'm not particularly good at mixing/production related stuff (well at least not up to par for OCR standards). Anyone interested in collaborating this month and mixing a (not too heavy) metal track that has lots of guitars? DoD's rules allow people to enter two tracks in a month if they are only the main arranger on one of them. So if you plan on entering your own track as well, this wo
  2. @Thirdkoopa I can take electric guitars and/or bass if you still need peeps. Won't be able to record anything until June though.
  3. Haven't really touched my track much other than that crappy WIP I sent in, but I'd like to get on that as well. (I've had an arrangement in my head for almost a year now though). What's the status of this album?
  4. Totally fine with OCR doing whatever they want with mixes of mine that make it past the judges, but I don't have any posted yet (mostly doing tracks for album projects, but I have a few DoD entries I touched up that need to be finally submitted to the panel) so maybe it doesn't matter
  5. Whoa huge bummer to see how he broke down like that and it got to the point of a perma ban . I was hoping things would just kind of mellow out after a bit. The entire time I was reading his posts on that thread I just kept thinking about how I hope the album projects stay in tact. I'm definitely still in, but still need to get a WIP together for my claim. Is the September 12th deadline still a thing? I will also probably need some help/guidance when it comes to mixing/mastering/anything production related for my track. I'm not so good at that stuff as arranging and playing are my specialt
  6. Anybody want to go to Magnolia Festival? http://magfest.com
  7. Most of what I have to say has been said already. I was initially against monetizing YT vids, but after reading @djpretzel's pretty well thought out explanations and responses I'm on board with what's happening. I think filing for the 501c3 is going to be great for OCR. I still think ads in the videos is kind of intrusive in the same way that popup ads are, but I am not fundamentally or ethically opposed to them (would prefer ads on the video page). I'm all for OCR generating more than just the bare revenue it needs to maintain itself. More revenue funneling back into OCR would mean more growt
  8. I'd be really bummed if the FF3 and FF8 albums became non OCR projects and I think a lot of people contributing to them might have been contributing to them specifically because they wanted to be involved with OCR. (When it comes to my remixes personally, I'm still usually down to be on whatever albums I have time for so I wouldn't drop my tracks but I'd still sub them to the panel probably).
  9. Still got a whole page of discussion to catch up on, but I see the word "profit" being thrown around a lot here and I'm not sure everyone understands what that word means. Profit and revenue are two different things. Just keep that in mind. Putting ads on YouTube videos isn't necessarily going to mean that OCR is "profiting" off of them, especially if the money goes back into stuff like site maintenance. This doesn't mean that generating revenue off of YouTube videos of ReMixes is necessarily ethical either (that's what the discussion is about), but keep in mind that there is a diff
  10. I think this is a pretty reasonable experiment to do. I get how ads on YouTube videos are more "intrusive" because they are ingrained in the content that you consume. That's the sole difference in my mind. DJP gave a pretty solid explanation, and I think that morally speaking ads on YouTube videos are no different than ads on the site. Most people don't think of it that way though, myself included until I read DJP's explanation. People are used to YouTube ads generating profit on music videos and don't think of them in the same way that they'd think of a banner ad on a website. Ads displaye
  11. I can't wait for the line at elevation burger.
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