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  1. Thanks everyone for all of your help! I showed each of the suggestions to my family on Easter and they all loved it! I now also have a bunch of artists and resources to look into for more awesome video game music, and my family has a greater appreciation of video game music.
  2. Thanks for your help nitrozsz, The Guilty Gear and BlazBlue soundtracks sound awesome! I showed my mom the Grim Fandango soundtrack and she's been listening to it happily for the past 15 minutes. Perhaps I can get her to try out the game now, since I just got it in the Humble Mobile Bundle for Android. Also, I totally forgot how awesome Silent Hill's composer was. Looks like I've got a long lineup of music to look through on the past OC Podcasts; I can't wait to listen to them all and find new music. Thanks again for these suggestions.
  3. Hi everyone, I recently started a radio station at my college where I play video game music and talk about the games that the songs come from. Ever since my family heard the first broadcast they have been interested in hearing more interesting video game music. I have been having difficulty finding music in the genres they like. My father likes Rock; my mother likes Jazz; my cousin likes Metal and my aunt likes Rap. I figured OC ReMix would be the best place to ask for help since no one else knows more about the varieties of video game music than OC ReMix. These songs don't nee
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