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  1. Hey, I think I speak for a lot of people here when I say this. Do you think there could be a rule stating that you cannot request that a song NOT be remixed. I've just been seeing a lot of people posting threads and stuff like "There's too many [insert game name]-[insert song] remixes", or " I don't like [insert game name], so could you please stop remixing the songs?" I think that it would be greatly appreciated if a rule such as this came into place, as the posts end up with flame wars, with the original poster being exiled for several months [so-to-speak], and there is really no valid reason for someone not to make a remix of a game song, much less be told not to make a remix. Just a though...
  2. Man, this is just...perfect. It reminds me so much of old times when i used to sit an stare at Meryl doing situps in her knickers......what? lol jk. This is is one awesome remix, that i'm just gonna keep on repeat in my winamp playlist. Exclellent job, Vigilante!
  3. The EGG GOLEM in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. There is an annoying bloody glitch that makes sonic do a jump dash when you only want him to jump, which most of the time sends you off the edge into the quicksand. I'm not sure if it's on the DC version, but on the GCN it's the most frustrating boss i've ever versed.