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    Just a guy who's dreaming to be a music composer. I really loves gaming soundtrack and interested in making one. Currently, started in making some remix of gaming soundtrack. I do want to improve and make some friends or maybe some collaboration with others. Open for feedbacks and suggestions. Hope you guys enjoy my works :)
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  1. HI HankTheSpankTankJankerson (what a long name :p), I think you're right about the cover part. cause most of the change of this song was coming from the instrument differences and i just adding some more harmony for this song I didn't realize the delay with the strings. (i though it was ok) Any idea how to fix this ? wow you're really good with the guitar. I'm not quite familiar with the offbeat yet, so maybe it might makes me to do some trial and error Thanks for your detailed advice. Really appreciate it
  2. Hey guys, This is my first original song. It is based on the moment i spent fooling around with my friends. Chilling with friends What do you guys think ? Hope you guys enjoy it ! Originally "Chilling with friends" by Nom
  3. Hey guys, I made some arrangement for bonetrousle. I've tried to keep the papyrus feel in this song Bonetrousle remix What do you guys think ? Hope you guys like it
  4. Hi jnWake, Yeah the volume was my bad. I'm gonna fix that later. Maybe adding some bass is a good idea cause my low sound is just coming from trombone. Thank you for your suggestion . Really appreciate it
  5. Now you mention it. It never came in my mind before. I think i'm gonna have to learn how to humanize it. But maybe i'll upload the revision later at the same time with my other works that need some revision too I'm still learning too and you're really helping me with this one. Thanks dude
  6. Hi, glasfen yeah the volume was my bad About the drum, i don't know how to really fix that. Maybe i should change the sample or maybe just mastering the sound ? About the chiptune, i would not use it cause i try to make the instrumental version of the song. Maybe i'll try to change the brass sample Thanks for your suggestion. Appreaciate it
  7. Hi just coffee, Yes i agree with you. I realized that several days after upload. I'll fix that later About the bass. Maybe i''ll try to experiment first and see if that work well Thanks for your reply
  8. Hey guys, This is my 5th arrangement for Undertale soundtrack about spider dance : Spider dance (Nom's remix) What do you guys think ? Hope you guys like it
  9. Hi SegaMon, "If multiple instruments have the same rhythm, you can offset one of the instruments by a very small amount to cause a small amount of tearing". I didnt know that so it is new to me. I'm gonna try to revise this piece by also adding you advice. I'll let you know if i'm done Thank you so much. You already helped me. Good luck for both of us
  10. Your advice are very supporting and that was really helpful. Glad there's more people like you out there. I think i'm gonna just try to apply your advice first and see if i i get better or not. I'll let you know if i'm done revising this work. Thanks smartpoetic. I'll do my best
  11. Okay sir HankTheSpankTankJankerson. Haha obviously cause it is a vst. I'm only just started remixing and looking for advices to improve Do you have any good vst suggestion that more humanly for saxes ? because i'm a low budget musician who can't afford real instrument for my remixes
  12. Hey guys, it's Nom This is my latest work and i'm quiet satisfied with this remix. The original : Undertale OST: 068 - Death by Glamour My remix : Death by Glamour (Sax remix) What do you guys think ? Is it good enough ? Or is there any part that doesn't fit or miss ? Any feedbacks are welcome
  13. Hi Segamon, I'm totally agree with you. The main reason i post this work is because this song seems so dull that i need some advice to make it more "alive". I think i will take your advice and shortened this song so it doesn't get so repetitive and boring. I'm using cubase. Currently just using its libraries and using Sonatina symphonic Library for this piece. Like smartpoetic just said, the trumpet doesnt sound realistic. Do you have any advice for humanization ? Thanks Segamon for the feedback
  14. Hi smartpoetic, Thank you so much for you detailed feedback. It's gonna be really helpful for me since i'm really just started orchestration Mixing/mastering: Yeah, i do feel some the drums was too messy. My intention is i wanna give some chillng "boss fight" feel with the drums but it ends up too much. I think i'm gonna try putting it down Instrument: Actually i dont feel quite familiar with the instrument yet so i will give a try with your advice. The main problem is the percussions, that i still dont get the right things. Which part do you think its the most messy part of the percussions ? Dynamic: I'm using Cubase. I do the MIDI from scratch by hearing the original. I think i'm gonna make some change in velocities Sampling: Your video references is so good. It's really helpful. But in my case i can't change the modulation like in the videos. I can only change the velocities. Does the modulation editing only can be one in Logic Pro ? I'll do my best. I'll let you know for the revision of this song. thanks smartpoetic
  15. Hey guys I'm Nom and just recently joined this forum. I'm also a beginner in music remix and only just started for abouth a month ago. I really need help with some orchestration. I'm not really satisfied with my work (it's my 1st time doing it). I think it's too messy and need some dynamic but i don't really understand what to do with the orchestra instrument (I don't have any orchestral music background either). So, any suggestion like adding instrument or anything ? The original: Undertale OST: 046 - Spear of Justice Here's my work for orchestration. It's Undertale's spear of justice : Spear of justice (orchestral)
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