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  1. I have an arrange in mix state and pretty much unfinished.. Not even sure if I have the flp of it anymore, but: https://soundcloud.com/atp19xx/prototype-dark-man-stage-mega EDIT: FailFish
  2. UPDATE #01: So. Obviously, I forgot to bring drums to front in first place on earlier mix. This one is slightly different from earlier drums. I changed the kick and snare, also cranked up the volume of all drum samples so it can be heard a lot better. Reminder: drum volumes are not probably gonna stay this loud, but for the clarity, it's probably easier to focus on drum line now, as it's the priority of this topic. Also, in chill section with only background melody and bass line, drums started with snare so it sounded like: snare 2 3 4 5 6 7 kick 2 3 4 5 6 7 But now it
  3. That (velocity) is practically my bottle neck. I usually have some bad time trying to find at least half-decent sound for drums. And I need some new and better samples. I have only one sound pack which is Vengeance Essential... Club Sounds vol 2, as I recall. Didn't find the pack from their site anymore though, but folder structure uses VEC2 as prefix for files and folders. Oh.. And now that I listen to that again I can see the kick getting lost in there somewhere. I'll keep looking if I can figure out something to work that out. Cheers!
  4. Ohai beauty-butts! Ihavenoideahowtoactuallydothingsandthusifeellikeanoobcake. And I think that went wrong somehow. Anyway! So yeah.. I just decided to jump in blindly as I do in real life as well, so consider this as my second post, as it is. I already managed to sneak in to "Post your remixes here" section before saying hi to anyone around here. Not the best way to join the party (don't try this in real life, it does no good to you). Me? I'm just a video game hoarder who likes music and finnish weather. Also, I don't know what "sleep schedule" is. I live in GMT+2 timezone but my bod
  5. Hey there Beauty-butts! Any kind of feedback about the track will be appreciated. UPDATE #01: New mix: https://soundcloud.com/atp19xx/watch-your-step-wip UPDATE #02: Another mix! This time, a little bit more color and other stuff in this track. I left the earlier mix there as well for comparison. There's quite a bit of new flavor added, eq'ing and a bit of limiting and I think next phase would be finishing up the track and fine tune some patterns before final touches. At this point I think it would be cool to have those decent monitors to find all the
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