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  1. Always loved this track, never got to comment on it till now. What I wanted to say all this time (aside from the obligatory praise - this is an excellent piece of music!): the ending part here reminds me of how one of the remixes/versions for Björk's "All Is Full of Love" ends, though I think it is some sort of accordion used in her piece? But the sound quality and style of melody (or sound, lacking musical vocabulary here) is quite similar. Considering how much I love that song in that particular version, I could not help but love this remix of Terra as well! :D

  2. Well, I'll be damned. I went and re-read my original comment and it is funny, cause now that I am listening to the updated version, I actually really like Matt's vocals! :o And I also like his performance, kind of makes me think of some of the male characters in the game, actually. His voice and the instruments mesh much better in this version, everything is more organic. The recording quality of vocals sounds OK to me, too. But it might be an idea to maybe apply some sound effects/filters or whatever to them in some places, maybe layering or so...

    I still feel that the .. um.. bells, (marimba??) are not quite well placed. Though the bell sound is lovely in itself and very fitting for a Xeno-soundtrack, it seems a bit awkward in some points, again when there are vocals. Maybe you could tone down it during the vocal parts? It does sound very, very lovely during the non-vocal parts! Love the overall choice of instruments and the bass doesn't seem to heavy to me.

    Would definitely love to see this getting even more polished! Thanks for keeping at it!

  3. This is a really cool, modern piece. Funnily enough, the melodic guitar parts in the middle (around 1:32) reminded me somehow of some more power ballad-esque Luna Sea pieces. :D (Or was it L'Arc en Ciel?) So, somehow, this remix has a bit of a nostalgic touch for me, while at the same time being very modern rock/metal.

    Would certainly love to hear more of this stuff!

  4. I was so free to leave some feedback in the MnP thread. My apologies for not being able to provide much technical feedback, though, I am a visual artist and illiterate in music. :S What I did not write the initial comment is that while the volume/recording quality of the vocals sounds great to me, the instruments sound a bit audibly "separated", but not very obviously so. I'm not sure if it's the matter of samples or tuning (?), but the voice sounds very clear and "close", but the instruments sound a bit more specially removed, it kind of does not entirely feel like one organic entity. It does feel a bit as if Matt sings alone an a capella. 



  5. I hope it's okay to reply to this post despite the competition being over and not being a participant or a musician myself. I just like the soundtrack a lot and wanted to express how wonderful it is to see other takes on one of its best tracks.

    I really liked the mood, the slower pacing and the sound due to the use of chosen instruments in "The Way to the Sky" by Chalis It feels quite interpretative to me, but in the first it is this mood in this track that brings back memories of other Xeno soundtracks (by Mitsuda), the music box themes he did so well but more (appropriately) futuristic music box piece.

    "Wait for the Moment" by DusK did not feel initially much different from the original, but when it goes into the full rock mode, it gets a distinctively different, own personality. (The energy ties well with the rest of the OST, actually! :D ) Loved the vocal work by Starleeter, very beautiful!

    I also loved the instrumentation in "Retrospect" by Kat, the piano (?) adds a lot of atmosphere that has somehow similar vibe to many piece of (again) Mitsuda's Chrono Cross work. Something very nostalgic... (Even though there is also piano in the original piece, it feels different.) I am very sorry, but I did not feel Matt Greco's vocals much here; he has a great voice and can sing very well, but some parts of the song still sounded kind of awkward to my ears. I don't know if this is just something that is not ideally suited for him or if the vocal melody would work better with his voice if it were a bit different. (Or maybe even different lyrics? I suppose this would go out of scope of this competition then though.)

    In any case, as a fan of Tetsuya Takahashi's games and their great soundtracks, I am very happy to have listened to all these wonderful remixes and want to thank all artists who participated for their work! :)

  6. Ahahahaha, first time I see it! :D This reminds me a bit of that one guy who edited his cat's meows into the tune of Game of Thrones opening.

    ...Man, this video works really well, damn. ... Actually... if a remixer where to expand on the Dog Ending Song in a similar way to this dog video... that would work, too! Especially with some smooth jazz undertones!!!! :-D

  7. So... I love Xenoblade X and its soundtrack, too, so it's very exciting to see a remix/arrangement of its tracks!

    The other thing is that I have very minimal technical knowledge of music, so feel free to take my feedback with a grain of salt, since I'm giving it not as a musician but just as a listener.

    So, I think that there is a cool idea underlying to your mix, but it does not translate very well yet. The pause sections feel a bit too long, as if these would be three different music pieces put together in one file. Also, the sound (mixing?) itself needs a lot of adjustment, I'm not sure if that might be due to the instrument samples, though. The violin parts near the end of the first part before the pause sound really good (though a bit shrill/very loud compared to the rest), but the piano (?) and/or other instruments sound a bit hollow, like if they were in a different room, I think. The quicker and dramatic sequence between roughly 1:32 and 1:47 sounds kind of too quick/rapid compared to the slower parts of the track. I understand that it is purposefully so and that one track can very well have slow and quick parts in it, but this sounds rather disjointed, maybe there is a way to harmonize them somehow better? (Sorry, would really love to know what might help with that.)  And it seems a bit like it's all over the place, but I unfortunately do not quite know, what to do to make that better. :S

    But flute-like opening is quite lovely still, and the dramatic "ooooh" part that comes directly afterwards. The piano solo (?) part around 0:55 is sweet as well (hollow sound aside), makes me think of Seiken Densetsu 3 soundtrack (Witchmakers).

    I would love to see you finish the track though!   (Sorry if my feedback is not very constructive/helpful. :/ )

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