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  1. I haven't found any really GREAT remixes worthy of a dl in a while, and though my partiality to FF VIII probably has somethign to do with it, this is a great mix. The variety is high, but not bad. The use of all the different styles is a pretty risky move, but here it's executed perfectly. My ONLY complaint is that the pauses seem a bit out of place. Great job.

  2. I haven't played Dark Cloud in a while (though I probably should finish the bonus dungeon someday), but this mix still brought out the best audio parts of the Game. The soundtrack wasn't exactly spectacular, and there actually wasn't music playing for a lot of the game, but Blue Magic really captured the best of it. Very good ambience throughout the whole thing, and just fun to listen to.

  3. I thought this was a bit out there compared to some of Star's other works. I think it's hard to judge this since his mixes tend to be more eccentric to start with. The only parts that I found where above the line were near 3:00 when the music started really surronding the person and a few of the transitions. Not bad at all, but I wish it had been more constant in some parts. ((PS, I loved the game sounds, EXCELLENT AS WELL))

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