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  1. Bump, cause I STILL GOT MORE HATS TO GIVE AWAY. They're pretty nice hats, I just got a bunch to give away in person.
  2. Believe it should be a hat, thanks for taking the survey!
  3. Hey all, I know some of you are into the electronic drums. I used to have a Roland set that kept me busy for a while. Anyway, I have a little survey that you could try, it could hook you up with some gear, give it a shot: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=iwtjV2vkrfsIB3RfVgR9iw_3d_3d
  4. Strife.

    EvE Online

    So I've been playing Eve for the trial period, kinda on the edge of continuing to play it or not. Anyone here play it?
  5. I haven't found any really GREAT remixes worthy of a dl in a while, and though my partiality to FF VIII probably has somethign to do with it, this is a great mix. The variety is high, but not bad. The use of all the different styles is a pretty risky move, but here it's executed perfectly. My ONLY complaint is that the pauses seem a bit out of place. Great job.
  6. Very good mix. I didn't like the little marching drum beat throughout the piece, but other than that, a good one.
  7. I haven't played Dark Cloud in a while (though I probably should finish the bonus dungeon someday), but this mix still brought out the best audio parts of the Game. The soundtrack wasn't exactly spectacular, and there actually wasn't music playing for a lot of the game, but Blue Magic really captured the best of it. Very good ambience throughout the whole thing, and just fun to listen to.
  8. I really liked the opening and lead into the electric guitar bit. The guitar gets a little buried under the rest of the happenings, but I still liked it.
  9. Very good mix. The whole thing is extremely reminiscent of the parts of the game that take place in the Galbadia (I think, gahhh, I haven't played my copy of VIII in such a long time.) Really well done, I recommend it to anyone.
  10. Very nice. I thought it was a bit slow for some reason, but other then that: FUNKADELIC. Yea, if you like funky music, this is definitley your bag.
  11. Well, I can say that this mix lives up to its name in that it starts out with train ambience. But it being a disco, I dunno, it felt a bit too slow and spooky for a disco. Still, pretty spooky and well thought up. I'd love to play this for a Halloween thing or something.
  12. Really light and cheery, with a good kind of beat going on through it. Very obvious Final Fantasy mix, but still very good. It actually reminded me a bit of Monkey Island... but that's probably just me. Anyway, great job, it gets my meager stamp of approval.
  13. It's very...tribal? That's really the only way I can explain it. Great mix, a legend for sure.
  14. Ok, so this mix is probably very far away from my tastes. I just did not like it that much; it was drawn out and didn't seem to change at all throughout the entire song. Peaceful, but that's all I can really say.
  15. This mix reminds me of Harry Potter movies for some reason. And yea, while those aren't the best things ever made by well...anybody, this mix definitley was. Good beat, nightmarish atmosphere, its got it. Great job.
  16. Really nice mix! This one was probably my favorite out of the mini-FF6 flood. The first piano solo in the piece blew me away. I also really liked the variation of instruments and synthetic sounds, they all come together and form an amazing mix. Great job!
  17. Really nice remix. I liked the variations in speed and beat a lot, but I think it should've been faster. The beginning especially was well done, very planned out. Props.
  18. I'd say the best part of this remix is the beginning. the start of this song is very cleverly done, but I thought after a little less than a minute it lost my attention. This is probably because there's so many chrono mixes out there, but I dunno. good job, either way.
  19. Pretty good. I thuoght the bells introduced a crisp, clear mood to the sound, something that I thought was carried very nicely throughout. Nice job.
  20. Great stuff. Very appropriate for the song as well. I agree, it sounds great and offers some great parts. Just allaround excellent.
  21. I thought this was a bit out there compared to some of Star's other works. I think it's hard to judge this since his mixes tend to be more eccentric to start with. The only parts that I found where above the line were near 3:00 when the music started really surronding the person and a few of the transitions. Not bad at all, but I wish it had been more constant in some parts. ((PS, I loved the game sounds, EXCELLENT AS WELL))
  22. Very nice. I was sold at the very beginning, and kept attentive throughout with an interesting kind of stacotto (sp?) rhythm. Good stuff.
  23. Very nice piece. Like the title suggests, it has bass, oh so much nicely used bass. At 1:55, when the piano accompaniment starts up, I was especially impressed. Good all-around feel.
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